Do you also get miserable days in dance classes?

So my teacher picked samba for saloon dancing. It demands too much care on the movements all around the body in every move for my liking. I started getting stressed out by attencipation and because I was screwing over most of the rotine. This lasted for all the 1h30m that the class lasted.

Then enter the kizomba class.

Kizomba always starts by improvised dancing, everything goes, good old social dancing. Except I always dred this aspect of the classes. I'm afraid of disappointed my partner, I'm afraid of only thinking in doing basic movements and I'm afraid of screwing up the moves that I attempt to pull off.

Then the teachers give us some new moves that somehow I can't understand. I know what I need to do, but I can't get my body to actually do them, so I don't think I need to call the teacher. This goes on for about 40min. At this time nearly every partner that I danced commented at how I seem so stiff and stressed and afraid. This further cements what I already feel. Another 20min and one of the partners is actually starting to get annoyed and one of the teachers step in to calm me and her down and tries to explain the move but to no avail. I actually had to have a timeout and went to the bathroom to calm myself because at this point I was wanted to break something.

I wouldn't be surprised at this point if my teacher asked me to leave the classes because of my frustration spilling over and getting my partners upset. And I don't think I could blame her.


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I am somebody who definitely finds it difficult to learn some types of things in classes--primarily patterns of steps--so I sympathize. Have you tried taking some private lessons to augment the classes? It might help with the frustration you are feeling. You can get reviews and previews of what's being taught in class that way. Also, if where you are taking classes has them by levels, take the same level several times. It really, really helps.


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Haha, been there too. I remember rock-and-roll classes. Each time that something new was presented, I was offbeat, almost falling, forgetting the sequence that was just shown seconds ago by the teachers. The end of the class would come and I would not have succeeded even once, my follower angry at the hopeless me and giving signs that she may not remain my follower for long.

My luck was, our teachers used the same sequence for a couple of classes, which gave me time to work at home, and to come back the next week just as good as any leader.

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