Donating Dancesport Wear to College Teams


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some time over the summer I will do an inventory and send items glad we have this avenue
We certainly have a good number of teams to choose from! Think I may try to gather up another box to donate in July (I have a few more items and other dancers at the studio brought stuff in to this last go around).
I would like to acknowledge the generous donation of latingal to the Hopkins team!!! She sent us a box of excellent condition shoes and practice wear last week. This will no doubt be extremely helpful to our new team, and I would like to express my deepest gratitude on behalf of the team. Thanks again, latingal, we will care for and greatly utilize these item!!! :D


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Glad you received the box BabyLin! And best of luck with your new team at Hopkins...hopefully you'll find good homes for the items.

It's great being able to help out a bit. Will be keeping an eye on my closet inventory levels for future donations!
This is a great idea

its a longshot since we live and compete in Asia but if anyone there is willing to donate their old dresses, latin tops to us it would be greatly appreciated we'd probably pay for the shipping for you if that helps :)

contact me at
- The Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) DanceSport Club (ADSC)


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Well I'd like to say that Binghamton University can use some donations if/when available. We are a small, poor, team at the moment so anything is helpful. I'm now an alumni but I can be PMed for information or the team captains can be emailed at,


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Hi Nybz/Ben! What type of donations would the team like? Let me know that, and where the university is located and I will add it to the master list!
Latingal thanks for adding us to the masterlist, I know its a longshot but yes we will reimburse donors for the shipping cost (through western union most likely)
The University of Pennsylvania's Ballroom and Latin Dance team in Philadelphia would like to thank Borbala Bunnett for her generous donation of shoes and dance accessories. These will be put to good use at practice and competition and we really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put together the donation!


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I got back from London to find a very nice costume donation from Yanou waiting for me. The Columbia team will really appreciate it!!!
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Looks like nobody from RPI has posted yet. =P For those who don't know, RPI stands for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is located in Troy, NY. I was Ballroom Club President last year and have also been a member of the team for 2 years now.

We would love to get any donations of shoes, costumes, or practicewear. Many of our members are still in need of such items and it would be greatly appreciated!

Please email for any donations and we would be happy to give you an address to send to. :D

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I mentioned this thread to my instructor tonight and he loved the idea. Said ppl are always giving him shoes and stuff because they think that if he cant sell them he can at least give them to someone who will use them. So he's got like 10 pairs of used shoes at his house that he's dying to get rid of. I just emailed him the list of folks he could contact. Didnt think of this before, but ya'll might want to mention it to your instructors in case ppl give them stuff that they would like to donate.
How do you guys decide what team to donate to? I know that all the teams are in need of these type of donations but just wondering...and of course to avoid a situation where one or two team gets a ton of things. I have some practice wear to donate.

Also, what type of shoes do you guys donate? I guess I'm wondering how worn out the shoes can be? Someone gave me their standard shoes but I don't do that style. They're very comfortable but they are pretty worn out...


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Hi A2R!

I looked at the descriptions in the posts of who needed what, their locations (for the shipping costs), and misc. info. Some schools seem to have more of one style or another too.

As for condition of shoes? I only donated shoes that were either new, like new, or very lightly worn. Some people give me shoes of theirs to donate that I did not send because they were too worn out.

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