Dresses for rent


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::misses Standard and Smooth like crazy:: I guess the bright side is that orange is NOT my colour, so I couldnt get it anyway . . . :(


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Join the Coalition to Get BM's Dance Partner to Compete in Standard! :p

I am definitely thinking about that white and purple Latin though - if I can fit, to scared to measure myself recently - is that one available for rent or sale only? Would be nice to wear more than predominantly black for once . . .


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Hmmm . . . ::looks at the pictures, looks at the price tag, cowers from the tape measure, remembers that she's still paying for her latest sparkly piece of attire::

Will definitely keep that one bookmarked for now. If it doesn't sell by the time I confront the tape measure (and refill my wallet!), I will be sending you another inquiry :)


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I saw it a couple of days ago on your site and thought: what a brave woman to wear that dress...

Just too much for me. Feathers, everything... And I LOVE orange!


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I like it though.. A lot.. ( wouldnt get it if I didnt' )

I think its for when you feel you've gotten so safe about what you wear.. I dont think this is something you wear many times.. its a statement dress..
I saw this dress on Dream Gowns web site. Did you buy it from her?

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