DWTS - Week 6 - Spoilers

Yeah - I like them a lot. Without the microphone, that would have been awesome. As it was - almost awesome.

And ditto on the hottness of her dress. Oooh yeah.
I'm loving how the pros are always trying to incorporate things that the "stars" are comfortable with to help them get the character of the dances. It's cute.


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Love the dress, love the pink on the shoes.
Loved the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (especially since I've been watching the CMT show about them, so I got to see them trying to do the kick line and splits in tryouts, and because my grandpa was a huge fan of them back in the day, so they always make me smile a little.)
I've loved the rest of Jerry's dances, but this one was awful. It's always been a lot of show bringing interest to some very recognizable basics. This was all the show but none of the basics. They went too far.

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