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I like the injera, the sourness adds a nice offset to the rich butteriness of the food. Naan would be amazing with it too, might have to try that when I've met my goal!


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Have fallen off the exercise wagon for a while....my only excuse is that it's too cold to go to the gym (record cold temps, school closings, below zero degrees, etc.)

Must make myself go this week...


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Went to yoga wednesday evening, but the instructor was awful. will need to find a new time to go and pray that it isn't the same person who is teaching.
Bout to start yoga tomorrow (unless I sleep through it...) Here goes nothing!

On the diet front, just finished a week of training with free less than healthy food...gonna have to do some serious work this next week to get back into healthy eating habits.


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So, I know that I have the opposite issue to most, but Operation "Gain 5 lbs. So My Dress Fits" is working... but I can't wait until comp is over and I can go back to eating my normal type and amount of food. Gaining that much in 3 weeks without reducing activity is hard!

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