fastest way to the splits!!

Hey guys! In my jazz routine we do a leg hold and I'm in the very front and have the worst extention out of everyone in my class.... I really want to be able to do the splits and I'll do just about anything to get there... what's the fastest way to the splits? what stretches do I need to do? and how quickly will I be able to do the splits! plz help!
When I was doing jazz our teacher would make us join up with a partner....then she'd get the person to record how far we went down each lesson.

Each lesson we had to go down 3 c.m more. Basically the only way to do the splits is to push yourself that little bit extra each time and sit in that position.

I can do the splits naturally (Im very lucky) however I know plenty of dancers who got there through hard work.

Remember when I say push yourself don't expect to be able to push yourself right down. You must take it one step at a time or you could do serious damage to yourself...

I don't think you really want the fastest :twisted:

It has a lot to do with your personal flexibiliy so I really couldn't say "in a week you can do splits"

But I'd say (mind you I cannot as of the moment do the splits) do the splits are far as you can comfortably... stretch it out there a bit... after a while push yourself only a little... be mindful to avoid injury-- that will spoil your goal and make you regular leg hold even worse. Do it multiple times a day... do it while watching tv... take a moment out of your lunch break, do it in the morning. don't push too hard ... stretch... but remember pain is a sign to stop.


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Fastest way to do splits? A friend of mine forced himself flat, tearing whatever, and made himself do the splits regularly as it healed.. It healed and he could do the splits. Of course I do not recommend this, but just wanted to point out that it is possible and is the fastest way one can achieve it. The same friend who encouraged me to do preacher curls with 2 45lb weights, bench press of 200 plus pounds with him assisting, when I had never lifted weight before. I made tremendous progress here and did not hurt myself. :D he now is gone, some place far away. :(
There's no fast way to flexibility. I do stretches for tae kwon do, which are as about as aggressive as I'd like to go. Most dancers I know stretch far less aggressively (by aggressive, I mean stretching almost to the point of injury). Work with a partner, maybe, that always helps in getting you to push the limits of your flexibility.

Correct me if I'm wrong, however--isn't extension a different thing from the flexibility you're looking for?

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