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Mr 4 styles

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thus far

pseudafed ( yes its a food group!!)
mixture of essential oils to combat cold and cough

soon bacon cheeseburger!!!

I eat evil when im sick:(


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Today so far:
- coffee with cream and sugar (weekend treat!)
- whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana
- mini chocolate cupcake
- large spinach salad with chicken

And later, going to a neighbour's BBQ so:
- prime rib (so excited!)
- sangria... my contribution, and it has fruit in it so I'm labelling it as a variation on fruit salad and therefore good for me :)


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one pierogie (dry cottage cheese and chive)
quite a bit of hickory farms spiral ham...with hot stone ground bread
unsweet tea

(reserving right to add a light margarita later)


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Waiting for my slowcooker full of chicken and rice soup to beep, telling me it's done... but I just remembered that there's leftover sangria in my fridge! Not only does it count as a serving of fruit (in my world), now it's about to become an appetizer!!!!

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