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thusfar today;

breakfast was coffee and vitamin water zero

lunch was homemade turkey meatballs (minced onion and garlic, egg whites, salt and pepper) with a 1 sauce for dipping
glass of ovaltine w/skim milk and a large tablespoon of molasses

dinner is going to be roasted tri-colored potatoes, carrots, celery, and mushrooms in a reduction of the turkey drippings from the meatballs and a seasoned vegetable broth and butter...dh will have the rest of the meatballs as well...I would imagine that there will also be a glass of sauvi blanc involved...if I don't end up having to medicate what seems to be the onset of yet another cold


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turkey meatballs w/potatoes and carrots
unsweet tea
three bean multigrain tortilla wraps with green olives and skim cheese
red velvet ice cream

Larinda McRaven

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Back home and in control of food once again. Nothing worse than traveling and being at the mercy of others for your food.

today while flying:
dried apple chips
mango, pineapple smoothie

slice of pizza

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