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blueberries and strawberries - breakfast
Dryer's fruit ice bar - mid morning snack
munch on grapefruit while discussing - work group august birthday party
lunch - grilled skinless chicken breast - fresh green beans - jello
mid - day - fuji apple
dinner - checked out the new Cantina Bowl at Taco Bell, Very fresh, light, and only 3.5 grams of fat - new go-to on the road choice. (I cannot stand Taco Bell but this is really great and I didn't taste one lick of salt either)


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Not terribly pleased with today.

1 3/4 meat and cheese pies. BF cooked lunch. I hate melted cheese. For the first pie, it wasn't too bad, because it dripped out onto my plate...but the second one was too much, so it got given to my resident food bin.
steamed veggies and bread, too.
Chocolate bullets. Bad idea. Still feel sick from the sugar. I feel that this is a good that I have changed my food mentality enough that eating too much sugar bothers me both mentally and physically. My body is really not used to eating that badly...and that's a definite improvement from a couple of years ago.
Also some chips with gravy, because gaming store refuses to offer healthy dinner options, and I was hungry.
A couple of bottles of water, and an energy drink. I feel like I should've used this Uni break to detox...but too late now! Will start implementing changes.


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2 ulis famous sausage links in marinara

handful of kale with spiced pepitas, dill relish and low cal ital dressing

about 8 pretzel chips with squares of white cheddar cheese

two hash brown patties with hot sauce

2 glasses white zin....

copious amounts of water
Breakfast: coco pops.
Elevenses: bottle of cherry coke. :lol:
Lunch: Cheese and pickle sandwich followed by a banana.
Afternoon snack 1: packet of crisps.
Afternoon snack 2: peanut butter and jam sandwich.
Tea: Tinned macaroni cheese.
Nine o'clockers: Two mini shortbread biscuits and one mini flapjack.


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thusfar today;

brekkies; cup of coffee w/ skim, two has brown patties with hot sauce

2ish; pkg of tuna with dill relish, shredded cheddar, spicy pepitas and lo-cal eensy weensy mini red velvet cupcake that we bought for the in-laws visit...okay for a sweet thing, which I am generally not into at all...will serve the rest to clients tonight....

more coffee

am planning on having that be it for the day unless I start to feel hungry, in which case I will have some tomato soup is a no booze day

thinking that I will use the rest of the kale tomorrow morn in smoothies as it is tougher than my home grown kale, and not as tasty.

edit to add; ended up skipping the soup and just having a few pretzel chips with hummus.....and thinking I will be saving the smoothie til saturday because I'm just not hungry


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Breakfast - Smoothie - Coconut milk, frozen strawberries, organic honey, one scoop of Whey protein.
MidMorning - Oranges
Lunch - BarBQued Chicken - salad - salsa for dressing. WOW, that was hot hot hot.
Dinner - DH grilled hamburgers - desert - fresh watermelon.


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it's friday so;

single serving size bag of flaming hot chip mix and dip (so sue had to be)
smart water
this gourmet spinach semolina that is supposed to be friendly to lo carb folks w/marinara
more coffee
more water


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Smoothie and a cup of coffee.
Strawberries and watermelon - mid morning.
Grilled Chicken
DH heats up grill for dinner and WELLA - crab in shell - YES YES YES she screams!
Home made from tomato garden - tomato soup ( thanks dad!)
Red grapes, frozen, rolled in sugar. NICE!


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Tub of yoghurt
Small bowl of pasta, veggies, and cheese.
Fried prawns, calamari, and chips.
A couple of spring rolls.
Various alcoholic drinks...friend's birthday party.
Breakfast: sultana bran.
Elevenses: accidentally skipped. :eek:
Lunch: roast chicken, avocado and salad sandwich on what I think was sundried tomato bread, :D followed by a toffee flapjack.
Afternoon snack: peanuts and a mini Mars Bar.
Dinner: Assorted stick-in-the-oven things from the supermarket: prawns, cheesy jalapenos, spring rolls, potato skins...followed by toffee apple pudding.
After dinner: a couple of glasses of Australian red.


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2 small burgers and a sausage, bowl of stir fry veggies and rice, baklava from dh's now former secretary as a parting with skim milk, water


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Breakfast: oatmeal pancakes with fresh strawberries, OJ
Lunch: Carnitas at Mexican restaurant. Kinda dry so don't each much. Chips and salsa.
Dinner: Margarita, while sitting on deck. Hmmm, hungry but can't figure out what I want. Eat a choc covered cherry while I decide. Will probably just stick with the one piece of candy.
Breakfast: toast with honey.
Elevensess: piece of millionaire's shortbread.
Lunch: popcorn.
Afternoon snack: olives and sweets.
Dinner: Ready-made lasagne followed by ice cream.

Not the best day. :lol:


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Pasty and spring rolls...
Fresh fruit
Couple of pieces of cake...gaming day...
Pasta with sauce and a little bit of cheese

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