food journal


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Three slices toasted Ezekiel bread spread with hummus
orange yogurt
lots of tea
bag of peas sprinkled with parmesan cheese
can of tuna
lots of fizzy water
glass of merlot


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One cup of veggie and mushroom soup.
One cup of gluten-free spaghetti with veggie sauce and nutritional yeast.
String cheese.
One cup of grapes.
A few malted milk balls. (leftover Halloween candy)
Cocktails soon.


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So far today:
english muffin with pb/strawberries
Salmon, broccoli, rice cake, apple
mint chocolate chip greek yogurt. OMG. came in a little snack size, which is the best because even though I like yogurt, I can never eat a whole container.


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11:30 water w/raspberry keotones, glass of skim milk w/ spoonful of ovaltine, slimfast, and molasses in it, all of my supplements that I have been too lazy to take

2p one piece of cheese pizza at nephew's party

6:30 5 mini meatballs, one hamburger patty in mushroom sauce, fat free-cottage cheese, green apply vodka mixed with vitamin water zero

it was a weird day


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Pork tips burrito only this time with a different kind of cheese sauce,
Bosco sticks,
And I should never, ever have bought that first box of French Vanilla chocolate-covered cherries. I can envision these going into cakey brownies, or those paleo brownies with the maple syrup, chocolate, and almond not marzipan but flour or dough or something?


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Several slices toasted Ezekiel break with hummus, lots of tea;
savory crackers; lots and lots and lots of fizzy water;
baked salmon, peas sprinkled with parmesan;
glass or two of sauvignon blanc


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11:30; thanksgiving leftovers=green bean casserole, sausages and meatballs, tiny bit of stuffing,blue powerade and coffee
7:30 iced tea, pollo fundido, margarita

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