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Plain cake donut, strawberry yogurt, tea;
Grilled cheese sandwich on wheat, chicken noodle cup-a-soup, lots of water
Cauliflower, mushrooms and glass of V8 juice (oops, meant to get the low sodium kind)
Will likely have a PBJ on wheat on my way to lessons tonight,
Will likely snack on some raisins and almonds on my way home from lessons tonight


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cottage cheese,
tortilla chips and cheese, tea
small potato with corn and sausage gravy, box-o red (not the whole box :))
I've been playing around with my nutrition over the past year or so and got into the rhythm of this menu (I'm rather boring where it comes to food - once I eat a set menu I can pretty much stick to it)

Breakfast - 6 egg omelette with butter

If training at the gym I'll have a protein shake (organic) with L-Glutamine

Snack - Mixed Nuts (sometimes with fruit post work-out)
Lunch - Whole Chicken usually with salad
Snack - Sometimes don't need one after whole chicken!
Dinner - Sweet Potato mash (with butter), Red Meat or fish, vegetables or salad
Snack - Sometimes an apple or I'm okay with nothing.

and repeat! I usually have one chocolate bar at the weekend to kick my metabolism up. Plently of water - with several cups of tea!


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leftover potato and coffee (8am)
handful of pretzels at noon
singapore noodle veggie bowl and hibiscus tea at 2
tuna melt and tomato soup at 5p
another tuna melt at wine


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Cheddar/sour cream Ruffles
Cream soda
They're NOT so great around each other, I'll admit, but I'm kind of committed now that I've popped the top.


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turkey taco salad (LARGE)
potato soup
one indian sweet potato pancake
lots of fat free cottage glass of wine...alot of coffee and tea


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about to be done eating for the might at well log it now

7am tuna melt, coffee

12pm tuna melt, asian salad tea

shortly @5p garlic and chive mashed potatoes, red rapberries, more coffee

blush wine likely before bed


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Breakfast: smoothie with Greek yogurt, banana, chocolate milk and peanut butter
Lunch: ramen and some chocolate
Snack: bread with laughing cow light
Dinner pork chop, sweet potato, broccoli slaw
Snack : chocolate whipped yogurt


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2 special K breakfast sandwiches 7a
2 bowls of vegetable soup11a
potatoes and green beans in marinara au gratin 4p
pretzels and cheese, raspberries, ice cream with butterscotch 8p...yea, I know....not good...but I did work out 3 hours....still...oops


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Been hooked on these Bolthouse Farm protein plus shakes lately (chocolate). I mean sure, I occasionally supplement them with, like, waffles and pot roast sandwiches, but mostly, these are really addictive.

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