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Oh, I say! :eek: *wades into the white bread debate* I regard white bread as vastly superior for bacon sandwiches and also for toasting with Marmite, but for anything else it just depends on my mood. I do love a PB&J sandwich. :D

Breakfast: coco pops.
Elevenses: large slice of wedding cake (yes...we're still eating it :lol: ).
Lunch: Tesco value cheese and onion sandwich on el cheapo white bread. Surprisingly nice! :)
Dinner: Some kind of veggie burger (I think it was courgette and red pepper) with chips. Highly dubious Australian red wine to go with it.


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doing today now as I hope I am planning on being done eating for the day...

11:30 2 small korean tacos which consisted of spinach, beef, cucumber, and sriracha sauce, deep fried fresh green beans, 2 skinny margaritas

2:30 one korean taco and a side of rice, coffee
Those tacos sound rather nice, Fasc. :D

Breakfast: toast and honey
Elevenses: One mini shortbread. :roll:
Lunch: Bacon sandwich with the new Guinness-flavoured brown sauce. Odd. Nice, but odd.
Afternoon snack/pre-training tea: Smoky-bacon-flavoured crisps, biggish slice of wedding cake and a couple more mini shortbreads.
Dinner: Leftover pasta followed by two slices of toast, one with Marmite and one with golden syrup.


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wed...half a banana, two chicken tenderloins marinaded in jerk sauce, on bread free bread in the w/skim
cheesy potatoes with hot sauce for lunch, powerade zero
lowfat cottage cheese at dinner, two glasses of sauvi blanc


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thurs...done for the new things is no food past 4

cauliflower au gratin with ham and green beans almondine (dh's dinner leftovers at 730 am

cheesy potatoes and tomato soup with pretzel crackers at noon

coffee, powerade zero, sauvi blanc


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Plain baked sweet potato, grilled chicken breast with salsa, and raw broccoli with lime juice, hot pepper flakes and a tad of olive oil. DW got creative with the menu again.

Might become the favorite dinner. Hafta look up the nutritional values and all that.
Plain baked sweet potato, grilled chicken breast with salsa, and raw broccoli with lime juice, hot pepper flakes and a tad of olive oil.
Ooooooooooooooooh... :D

Breakfast: toast with strawberry jam.
Elevenses: packet of crisps and a couple of mini shortbreads.
Lunch: New-York-deli-sandwich-filler sandwich, followed by a small slice of wedding cake.
Dinner: cheeseburger. I was at the rugby. :lol:
Nine o'clockers: handful of tortilla chips and a glass of Merlot.

Larinda McRaven

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apple kale cinnamon smoothie
sliced tomato from my garden, topped with feta cheese, and fresh spinach
banana cantaloupe from my dads garden (never seen one before, smells good!)
dried cherries


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#89 w/ skim and a salad of iceberg lettuce, almonds, cheese, olives and lo-cal italian dressing
unsweet tea
6p...2 margaritas and 1/3 of a chicken burrito


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8a, coffee w/skim, powerade zero

11 tomato soup, pkg of lemon pepper tuna w/ two pieces of cheese and a few club crackers

7p mexican rice and one taco, one margarita


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sat...whole grain rice with cream of chicken soup over it... pretzel crackers and cheese and a few pieces of dh's frozen pizza...mushrooms in french onion soup w/parmesan on top...unsweet tea, reduced cal margarita
Better get back into this. I'm really trying to do better with food, although it's made harder by the fact that I'm no longer in charge of shopping or cooking. We're gradually learning which things we have to add to the shopping list.

Breakfast: white toast with Nutella
Elevenses: half a flapjack (friend didn't want it)
Lunch: Leftover chilli with homemade garlic bread
Afternoon snack: packet of crisps, chunk of aniseed-flavoured rock and small piece of DP's freshly-made beef jerky :)
Dinner: Roast pork with veg


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This might be a hijack, but I thought I'd post it anyway. There's a lot of difference in calorie content and nutritional value of yogurt, of which I eat almost every day for lunch.

Yesterday when I was at Kroger's, I looked at a new variety of yogurt from a national brand. The package looked innocent enough - only 6 natural ingredients. But the third ingredient listed was sugar, and the fourth was corn starch. The yogurt has 200 calories per serving, 24 grams of sugar, and only 7 grams of protein. That's a lot of calories and sugar for a little container of yogurt.

FYI, the yogurt I eventually bought has 80 calories per serving, with 6 grams of sugar and 12 grams of protein.


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I've been stuck at the same weight for about a year now (give or take a few pounds here and there at predictable times each month and that's all I'll say about that :)). So in an effort to start losing again, I need to be more diligent. Thanks to this thread, I plan to start recording my food intake. Maybe having it be so public will motivate me. But please don't judge...

9am- Special K protein bar
11:30- Lean Cuisine spaghetti and non-fat yogurt
14:00- another special K protein bar
dinner- TBD
There's a lot of difference in calorie content and nutritional value of yogurt, of which I eat almost every day for lunch.
There is. When we were doing our own food shopping, DP and I had the devil of a job finding yoghurts that weren't low fat/sugar free. We both think the low-fat/sugar ones taste 'orrible, but modern Britain seems to be obsessed with them. We obviously need a balance between your country and mine. :)

Breakfast: white toast with Nutella, accompanied by large mug of black coffee.
Elevenses: skipped except for a mini gingerbread ghost. That time of year again. :D
Lunch: Caerphilly and apple sandwich.
Afternoon snack: packet of crisps, chunk of aniseed rock and another mini gingerbread - a skull this time.
Dinner: tuna pasta bake with sweetcorn.
Currently rounding off the day with a cup of Yogi Aztec tea.


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unsweet tea, tuna melt, tomato soup, handful of low-fat cheezits.....chablis...5 hours of exercise...scale had better respond appropriately


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8:30- special k protein bar
11:30- lean cuisne panini and sugar free pudding cup
14:00- wheat thins
dinner plans for Subway. Trying to stay around 1400 calories. sigh...

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