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Marie Callendar's Chicken Pot Pie, Cesaer Salad and my choice of PIE which is chocolate with whipped cream!
Can you tell? no weighttraining with torture trainer today?! lol, wink.


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Today was a mixed bag... breakfast: oatmeal and a donut. Lunch: chicken and vegatable soup, with some mixed fruit for dessert. Dinner: leftover P.F. Chang's.


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Breakfast: oatmeal and a small box of raisins. Lunch: chicken tortilla soup. Dinner: leftover half of a Subway sandwich. Oh, and beer. :D


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And what did you have? :cool:

This thread is not about judging each others' choices. It's about logging our own choices, if we choose to. Sometimes we make great choices; sometimes we make crappy choices. The thread is only a safe place if you can post without judgment, good or bad. I usually don't post; I think my food log is personal. But, for the sake of ... teamwork?


Breakfast: Strawberries, Grapes, Baby Carrots, scrambled egg white and two turkey sausage links (what the heck is the point?)
The world's worst fish sandwich from Sonic for lunch. Seriously bad. I enjoy Lent because there's fish everywhere, but this sandwich gave Lent a bad name.
Veggie chili for dinner


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The world's worst fish sandwich from Sonic for lunch. Seriously bad.
Interesting... I don't think the Sonics around here have a fish sandwich on the menu. If they do, I haven't noticed it.

Anyway, today: Breakfast: Eggs, slice of bacon, two frozen biscuits. Lunch: hot dog and beer. Dinner: chicken tenders with Louisiana wing sauce and blue cheese to dip it in. Trying to really be careful about snacks today, since I had a big bowl of buttered popcorn yesterday.

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Grilled sweet potato wedge
and 2 Hershey kisses someone left on my table while I was teaching today

(got chastised by a Dr. student who saw my stack of food today for me to eat in between my 10 lessons. Apparently she thinks I needed at least one protein to get through the day)


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Breakfast: Oatmeal, slice of bacon, banana. Lunch: Tomato soup with a few crackers, mixed fruit. Dinner: Noodle bowl with chicken, a few crackers with peanut butter. Kind of light on the veggies today... will fix that tomorrow.

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