Franco & Olga

I too think it's great that Franco is back performing on the dance floor. It's a more mature looking partnership (Olga's style of dancing is more mature, less dynamic but not necessarily of lesser quality) but lacking the chemistry that Franco had with Oxana - I hope this will improve as the partnership develops. Franco and Olga give me hints of Bryan and Carmen... I always found with Bryan and Carmen that they were much more impressive in-person than on WSS or showcase videos. Their speed and immaculate control of such speed were most evident in competition, when side by side amongst their peers. Perhaps someone who watched Franco and Olga's demo in-person can let us know how they came across live?
Franco is one of my all time favorite men as far as his rhythmic body movement & clarity. In the past it has been more pronounced, in these performances, it appears diminished, almost looks as if he's not inspired... Olga has also always been one of my favorite ladies, but same thing... she also looks uninspired. No chemistry between them it looks like. I'm sad :(

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