French salsa?

Can anyone recommend (original) French salsa albums? I've heard 2 or 3 occassionally and really love the way they sound

One I heard today, must have been from an Africando album...I wish I had practiced my french
It was probably Aïcha or Scandalo or La Vie en Rose. They are played a lot...
They are from Senegal and speak French, Wolof & Mandingo.
I haven't bought an album from them in a while, I must check up on them.

I've seen a album called "African Salsa". As French is an official language in some african countries there are probably a few song in french.
Having a "basic conversational knowledge" of French, so I love the French salsa songs too. I don't have a single album with French salsas, but there are French salsa songs on the Africando albums - but only about 1 on an album. I know there is one on Gombo Salsa.

There are also French salsa songs on some compilations I bought in Cameroon, but not a dedicated salsa CD - it is mixed with Makossa. Some of the Putumayo compilations also have the odd French salsa jewel hidden in there (I only have Afro-Latin party with me - on the way to Nigeria again, but there is no French on that particular one). But I know there is another Putumayo African compilation with French and even Portugese salsas on...
Part II - I went to two salsa places in Paris last year - there were some French songs in the mix as well, but heaven knows where they came from.

Mind you, I also have salsa-able songs on some French Caribbean compilations (e.g. from Gaudeloupe and St Martin and Martinique), but its not pure hard-core salsa and it's not dedicated salsa albums...
oh yeah a good chunk of west African countries are former french colonies, would make sense that they would ahve songs in french. Do you have album names (or song names?)

But I expect those songs would sound very very differnt from non-African french songs because West African singing even in a european language has a distinct flavor (it's goof stuff, and I'm interested but it's different from what I'm trying to find >> French songs by frenchmen ;) )
there's one that goes "no me quite pas, no me quite pas" (don't leave me??)

And other one "oblem" (?? I can't make out words)

Both are mambo-ish. I have to look in my ipod to find the other...
africana said:
there's one that goes "no me quite pas, no me quite pas" (don't leave me??)

And other one "oblem" (?? I can't make out words)

Both are mambo-ish. I have to look in my ipod to find the other...
Ok from SF, that song is called "Probleme" by Mambo Fatal :) cool!
'Ne me quitte pas' is a song I learned way back in 8th grade! Crazy! And at the time I had no clue it was a mambo. Actually I don't think it was... I think it's a poem that was put to music, and it's likely that same well-known poem was adapted to mambo music. Yeah, "ne me quitte pas" is don't leave me, africana.
Oh ya i remember few sentences from the original birthday song. Sounds great. French carribean sounds good. I wonder how it would sound if the whole song would be in French?:shock: if anyone knows where i can download into my itunes do let me know.
What the heck ! if anyone can share their itunes with me that would be cool ;)


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Hmmm, nobody's mentioned Mambomania here?

They are a French salsa band, and their album "Serial Dancer" was a big hit over here when it came out (esp. "Dame Cinco"). Songs are in French, Spanish and some English. You can listen to clips on their website.
"Ne me quittes pas" is (if I remember correctly) a song by Jacques Brel. It was also sung by Nina Simone (love her version!). I've never heard the Yuri Buenaventura version. Interesting prospect!
I know it's not exactly what you were looking for but Scandalo on Africando's Mandali album has French lyrics. It is described as "an earthy Haitian Creole version of Sir Lancelot's classic Trinidadian calypso, 'Scandal in the Family'".

It was just playing on my playlist now...

Edit: it's not all French, but good parts of it is...

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