funniest thing a coach has ever said about your dancing

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Very funny comments - especially the "take it like you own it!"

I was in coaching yesterday with my pro and we demonstrated a lift from our showdance. The coach broke down each segment of the entry, lift and exit and changed the hold and posture completely. After I came down from the lift I looked at her amazed and said "It didn't hurt" At which point she shot my Pro a dirty look and said -it usually hurts? It's not supposed to hurt!" We all cracked up laughing.


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We were going over waltz techniques, and the teacher was explaining how the men shouldn't step on a flat foot.

Teacher: Okay, so we don't step on flat feet. We transition our weight to our balls.

He meant the balls of our feet, of course, but an older woman snorted, thinking he was being inappropriate. This set off a chain of giggles, myself included, and the teacher immediately hid his face in embarrassment.


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So the same English coach who had invented the word "MYA" (move your a$$) who recently said in our lessons "MYBA" !!! Now I understand whenever he says MYA, he means to accelerate, move faster or syncopate, so that the next beat or phrase can have time to be stretched longer, to have more light and shades to the dancing. I was wondering what is MYBA, I thought he means "move your big a$$", but towards the end of lesson, he said that means "Move your beautiful a$$" since he says he's always very polite to ladies...LMAO:))) so I figured when he mentioned MYBA, he means accelerate big time or a more syncopated action/movement!


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I was in a lesson with pro. From time to time, I have his wife (also his pro partner) come in to "coach" me during my regular lessons to help get a female perspective, etc. We are doing a corte in tango. She stops us to critique and says "you are being WAY too polite"! "You have to really send your crotch into his friendly area"! :oops:

Odd feeling to do something like that to a man that is A) not my husband and B) has his wife standing by watching.

So I did. And she was very happy with how our corte looked with "proper technique". :rolleyes:
Similar to Wannabee above me,

I once subbed as a partner for a friend of mine, dancing with his girlfriend and we had a group lecture at our local dance school for the rumba. And somewhere in the middle of the choreografy the teacher blurted out: "Now ladies, for this next bit you're gonna get all the sex out! Really plough your crotch into his leg and slide along it, slowly stretching your leg. And men, just grab on to their butts or something, but whatever you grab on to, do it like you mean business!"

Let's just say she liked to sex things up a bit ;)
This one isn't about my dancing per se, but Pro was being very adorable...

We were doing some side-by-side, rotating toe-heel swivels in Jive with an actual turn tucked in the middle of it, and Pro was discussing the connection during that turn. "Your hand should disconnect and then reconnect to my shoulder very very quickly. Very quickly. The audience almost cannot see it." Then his eyes suddenly widened like :shock:, and exclaimed "LIKE MAGIC!!!" and grinned the widest grin I've ever seen. I just cracked up.

Yes, sometimes I do think he's a 5 year old kid :tongue:
Got a new one in my lesson today.

Pro: I'mma teach you some Russian
Me: Ok
Pro: Kosmonavt
Me: Kosmonavt
Pro: Da
Me: What does that mean?
Pro: Astronaut
Me: Ok... why is that important?
Pro: Because you look like one. When you're turning it looks like the astronauts walking in space.

Gee thanks coach :rolleyes: In my defense I slept funny yesterday and have a stiff neck, so I can't spot or be expressive and all that :tongue:


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"I like it when you're more aggressive."

(IOW, when I quit being lazy and dance on a lesson like I do in a comp. But it sounds funny when he puts it that way!)


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Not really about our dancing... But I was scheduling a lesson with our coach for next sunday (ie April First).

His reply, "Is this a joke?"

It didn't come to either my partner's or my mind that it was April Fools day when picking the date. :p
"You need to think about getting your left pocket over to her [...] Maybe that doesn't work for you, so just think about her butt. That ought to work."

(Later, with a different coach, my frame was disconnecting from my hips)

"Hmm... if the butt thing worked for you, you should probably think about her chest too."
Not necessarily about my dancing, but my instructor was going over some steps and she says to me... "Now pretend you're a boy." My response was... "But I am a boy."

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