funniest thing a coach has ever said about your dancing

For tango, I was slouching out during the stationary swivels, and my coach told me after moving and flexing and basically origaming me around "Look, it's kind of like... you just... yeah, just pick up your hoo-hoo... see?"

I did finally pick it up after it clicked. It's just remembering it is the thing.


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(visiting coach)
"Let's not have your booty sticking out." ::goes to manually adjust posture:: "Oh, nevermind, you just have a nice booty. That's okay, then!"


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From a visiting standard teacher this weekend (like it isnt awkward enough to never have seen a person before and be all up in each other's personal space right after you meet them):

"you're just giving me hips!"

and then after an adjustment:
"now I'm just getting all boobs!"

oops...sorry about that. definitely was NOT my intention. stupid boobs, always getting in the way...

Well, at least he didnt call them what Gumby's coach did. lol!
said at the same time.....

male coach - you look good taking larger steps

female coach - you look good taking smaller steps

my dance partner & I looked at each other and said nothing!!

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