Funny Names for Moves

Dave (my partner) and I love to just screw around at practice. One night, while our instructor, Barb, was trying to teach kick swing, Dave started "throwing me around". I'm really lightweight (I don't think I've ever weighed more than 102 lbs.) so we'd do moves where I'd start out laying on the floor and he'd pick me up and I'd jump and straddle him, etc. Well we came up with this move where I jump up, straddle his waist, and then let my upper body just "fall back" until I'm basically dangling upside-down between his legs, holding myself in position by squeezing my things around his hips. Now this is a very cool move, but you can imagine what kind of responses it got from other people on the team! ("It looks like Kama Sutra!!!") So we started calling it a "Hail Mary" because that's basically what you have to say after you do that move! :twisted: :oops: :wink: :lol:
Connection?! The only connection Dave and I have is the one you need in order to effectively lead and follow. :shock: :oops: :lol: :p He has a girlfriend and I (sort of...) have a boyfriend and we both know where to draw the line...that doesn't mean we aren't good at faking dance floor chemistry, though :wink: A lot of people have asked us if we're an item, but we just laugh...Dave is older than I am (he's almost 22; I'm 18) so our relationship is more brotherish/sisterish than anything. We both just like to goof off :lol:


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No, no silly BBG . . . I already knew that! I was just playing on your wording (although obviously not very successfully :().

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