Genuine compliments?

There are a few people that I trust to give an honest assessment of my dancing. Other than that, I appreciate the sentiment, but don't take it too much to heart. I also give the "thanks, that was fun" or "you're a nice dancer" compliments liberally, as most people are either fun or nice to dance with. To get a greater compliment than that, it better be a more extraordinary dance than nice/fun. I like to copmliment guys who are a sound lead, but who don't seem very confident in leading a bunch of stuff. I figure that they need some props more than the ones who know they're good.


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Sometimes I just connect with a person. Yesterday night it was Kristin and so I complimented her 2 ways. One by asking her for 5 dances. The other by dancing my last night of the dance with her and thanking her, saying "I've had most of my best dances with you, tonight, Thanks." She was really happy at that! ;-) (She actually is I would say a beginner dancer...)


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#46 was nice. One ballroom dancer calls out to me at the end of the live band set yesterday night and asks me if "Im a teacher." Says that I dance well with everyone, including the really tall ones. If I can dance with a tall one so well than I must be a good dancer. That everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and was an interesting conversation...Now this guy knows a little of the various ballroom not a person who knows nothing. Had so many compliments from strangers that if I could get a swollen head I would. :)

Now I'm not talking of technique, style, slickness, tricks. I take what people say as genuine as I believe that people can see the connection, the play, the "joie de vivre" of the dance. One does not need to be a dancer and knowledgeable about dance to see this.

Another advanced dancer has a huge grin on her face at the end of the song and says you pulled a lot of new tricks. (She is one of those who likes to be challenged more than simple grooving."

Then an ex-teacher (granted one who only taught easier salsa levels), but comes to em and asks me to dance and at the end thanks me and says..always a pleasure She likes to groove to the music. No fancy moves...well I threw one in for shock value as I just wanted to... :tongue: Moving the body and feet...some interesting syncopations...


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I got one a few days ago that knocked my boots off...this new gentlemen is dancing with me and says: "I hear you're one of the top dancers in the area..." holey moley...dunno where he got that from...but I'll live in that little fantasy world


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If I give compliments they tend to be very broad. I might like someone's style or I might think someone is an excellent follow or someone's energy on the dance floor might be great. These are the compliments I tend to give out. I try to be sparing with the compliments but I do give them occasionally and while I may very well have ulterior motives the compliment is sincere.
My best two compliments came from two guys who knew me from the early days. One told me how much I had improved after dancing with me. The other (months after) told me the same thing (just by watching m dance). They didn't have an ulterior motives.

At the MIA congress, I was complimented (at least I took it that way - it was just a comment) by a guy who told me I followed better than the other women he danced with during the workshop. Then he asked me to practice the move with him after the class.

Hot damn, the lessons are paying off! :-D

Went to a new social last weekend. Several comments on the smoothness of my dancing. One guy said, "you must be a trained dancer!" :D
I like this thread. I enjoy giving compliments..if a lady does not get one from me then I must be drunk or drugged up or all the above.

P.S. I don't do neither

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