Good Country West Coast Music?

The first wouldn't open up for me . . . and second . . . you must like your WCS music really fast . . . I hard a hard time doing 2 Step and ECS to it, but I know some like really fast songs to dance to.

I personally like them quite the opposite!
Your right about that, Vince, The Mavericks' Here Comes my Baby is going at a pretty good clip. Now for True Confessions: I don't dance swing, East or West. So don't think I can dance to it, I just happen to love that song. But looking to change that shortly! Just finished up a beginner series for NC 2step and starting a beginner class in WCS in the very near future. Wish me luck!

Sorry about the first clip, I got a double http:// in the address. Fixed, it is Poor Boy Blues

Steve Pastor

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Since this was brought up I've been trying to figure out just WHY people like it for WCS. I'm getting very much into the whole swing thing at the moment. I like the idea that you are free in your expression of the music, both as a musician and as a dancer.
Now, why would I not think that about Argentine Tango? Yes, I could tell stories, actually.
Anyhow, back to Cowboy Casnova....
This is actually listed as a rock song by iTunes, but it has a very country feel to me when I listen to it....

Keep Your Hands to Yourself (The Georgia Satellites)

Steve Pastor

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If it's the one I think it is...
It was very big in the mid 80s when I lived near a small town and there was this place I spent way too much time in and that song was played frequently and it went really well with the clientele and people sort of partner danced there, and... I'd better stop here.
They'll be no huggy, no kissy 'til I see a wedding ring, don't give me no lines and keep your hands to yourself.
Is it that one?
Yep, that's the one. It's an older song, but they play it on the radio now and then, and it makes me imagine how I would west coast to it. I don't listen to country music, so that song is the best suggestion I've got.

Oh, except for My Maria by Brooks & Dunn. I think that one would work, although it doesn't have a lot of accents and breaks.

Steve Pastor

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That would be a tough one for me. Long time ago I learned a line dance to it. Now everyone does Traveling Cha Cha when it comes on.
Come to think of it, though 1 2 123 is "Turning" or "Lindy" rhythm. Maybe I'll try to think about doing West Coast next time it's played.
Yeah, it doesn't have the right feel for west coast, at least to me, so it would probably feel forced. But I think you could make it work if you really wanted to.
You could explore Dwight Yoakam's catalog: that man's honky tonk Bakerfield sound just begs WCS dancers to hit the floor.

A tune from 2003's Population Me that I can't stop playing : I'd Avoid Me Too

Another new song that would be good to west coast to is Josh Turner's "Why Don't We Just Dance." It's my new favorite song in general... :)

Steve Pastor

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Hey, ash, maybe I'll see you sometime at Bushwhackers.

I love Yoakam's stuff, both for two steppin' and WCS. Some of it is quite fast, though, and only the way better dancers can keep up with the music. I really enjoy trying to pick up on the phrasing in the songs.
One of my favorite country songs to west coast to is Rodeo Man by Ronna Reeves. It's faster, but it is lots of fun to dance to that way, has a great beat.
Here are some good ones:

Reba McEntire : Why Haven't I Heard From You? (111 bpm)

Mary Chapin Carpenter : I Feel Lucky (121 bpm)

Collin Raye : My Kind of Girl (115 bpm)

Kathy Mattea : 455 Rocket (122 bpm)
I can't provide any titles but I've found some hip hop types of music very good for WCS. We spend winters in Phoenix and the WCS scene there has a lot of hip hop music, and although we are very CW oriented in most cases we enjoy the hip hop style of music over blues for WCS, it is just more fun.

Sorry Steve; we won't be at Portland Dance Fest, but say hi to the Auburn Eagles Gang.

Steve Pastor

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Yeah, last night at Bushwhackers someone said someone said that said I'd be there, and I'd completely forgotten about it because I just got back from Hawaii late last week, had a dental appointment, want to see the Lion King, saw Karate Kid....
I'd better look at the schedule and see if I can drop by there today or tomorrow.

Regarding doing WCS to blues...
I thought some of the stuff they played when I was in LA was (ok I'll just say it) pretty awful. Skippy told me that this is something (WCS to blues) that started in the 70s or 80s, although they reached back to "the 60s" find suitable music. She also referred to that style of blues as "dancers blues". With the exception of Bill Black's Combo "a basic shuffle beat, simple bluesy R&B riffs with smoky saxophone lines on top" "You know those honky tonk days, man? Well, that's the sound I want. I want some honky-tonk music, man.", and maybe Bill Haley in "Don't Knock the Rock"[ the first blues I found listed for WCS in print was in 1985.

I think most of the CW tunes we dance to beat the pants off of the now standard blues tunes they use for WCS for energy, phrasing, etc.
Your links didn't work for me, but I looked up "Poor Boy Blues" and "Here Comes My Baby" and listened to a few versions of those songs. All of the versions that I heard had the classic country 2-step beat, and they all had a tempo that was good for a medium to fast country 2-step dance. But they were all too fast for west coast swing.

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