gratitude thread


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Since you asked so nicely...
It's a new day, technically. 2:34AM. So I'm grateful for not being so terrified tonight as I have been the past few days. I can manage to sleep without waking up every two seconds because I heard a "sound". I think.



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sometimes tough love is what strong willed women need TE...hugs, and btw...I am very very glad for you that you had a moe peaceful night...hug
I know this is two in a day, but I was just thinking about this.
I am soo grateful to have found dance. It gives me purpose in life, and it is truely my passion. The high I feel when dancing is UNPARRELLED. I just get a huge, "**** eating grin" (whered that phrase come from?) Just thinking about it!

edit: Missed a word. that mustve looked interesting
Grateful for: a heart of thanksgiving :lol:!

OK, something less abstract, what about this: the simple things in life
food on the table, a job to go to every morning, a place to sleep every night....there are just too many.....!!!


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I love this thread. I find it hard to only name one thing a day--I've got a backlog here!!! I feel like I've got to evaluate everything and prioritize.

And then there are some days, like today, when the totally frivolous wins out.


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I don't really agree with you. And I was never one to count my blessings. I'm ungrateful by nature, one could say. So I'll stay away from this thread, because it looks like you've got something good going here.

fair enough TE but I hope you change your mind and train your nature...its good for me too...that's why I started it

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