gratitude thread


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grateful for all of my good relationships today...for conflicts resolved, for peace that has been made, for long abiding friendshsips and loves, for a very stable time of wonder and goodness


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For all that I have. Everyday I hear stories from those whom I know well about all that they are going through. Sometimes when they smile and laugh and seem to have it all it is easy to think that they are perfect. It turns out not to be the case. We are all imperfect in our own way. We all have our burdens and our blessings. I am grateful for all that makes me what I am, in all my imperfections.


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Grateful for the miracles of modern medicine. My DW had a fairly new type of robotic surgery, and they apparently also used some latest-and-greatest anesthetics. I am aware that decades ago, women who had this type of surgery faced a painful 6-8 week recovery time. DW has had little pain, and she's been able to go up and down the stairs at home a couple of times today (with me keeping an eye on the proceedings). She's talking about returning to work Monday week, if the doc approves.

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