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You need to sign up for "Beauty Insider", they mail to me coupons and sometimes I got free small gifts with my purchase points. Of course, I bought awful a lot so they issued a VIP pass for makeup maniac like me, lol.
I fell on street yesterday and got hurt! today we are supposed to do a showcase, those people invited us confirmed many times before and paid us in advance, it is definitely not good for them to be short of 2 show dances for their program in such short notice, and not good for me to dance in pain:( I can't lift my right arm now, we have 2 lifts in waltz and Tango, all lifts requires my right arm to place over head to keep in balance, if I'm out of balance because of pain, can injure DP too:( luckily one of DP's pro-am ladies is willing to replace me to perform tonight and they were nice enough willing to accept a pro-am showcase to replace a pro showcase without asking any part of refund. This student is wonderful, when I told her if they don't ask for refund, she can have my share of show income (50%) since she's doing us a huge favor. This is her first time in life got paid for doing show. However she said she is glad to let me keep this money for any possible medical bills, she's so great and appreciate any opportunities to perform to gain experience. I gave her a free lesson. I feel so grateful to know her, she is a doctor, today she is supposed to be working, and she plans to leave work earlier to meet us for a final rehearsal for show. She will do her own show routine, the ones she always perform at comps, I'm not gonna to burden her for doing my show routine which is more difficult in such short notice. She will be doing very well tonight! I will still be there for her and showing support at the party.


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That is great - that you were able to get an acceptable solution on short notice Standarddancer. :)

I am grateful that no matter what happens it does turn out alright and for the best in the end. Had a tough patch and now things are looking better every day. Literally!

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