gratitude thread

I'm grateful for my best friend. We met through the ballroom team and now we are both officers of the team. I'm especially grateful for her now for she keeps me from beating the crap out of my ex (who is also an officer) every time I have to deal with him.


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my own bed ...and an extra day to sleep in before I go back to work tomorrow...and for having mended fences with my first pro...and for new job opportunites...and that dh finally comes home tonight....haven't seen him in weeks...going to maul him :)
My new little red Prius and family. My brother in another state got a good deal for me. flew out- had a great visit with family including my nephew who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. He seemed in decent health and good spirits. drove 888 miles back doing 85 much of the way and only used 22 gallons of gas.

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