gratitude thread


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I wasn't going to let him go alone, I wasn't going to let him go alone, I wasn't wasn't wasn't.
Dear Husband is on the road folks, by himself, headed to Austin, taking the 10, dropping to the 8 - stopping in Benson just pass Tucson tonight.
He promised, meds, exercise, will watch his sodium intake.....I let him go. alone. on the road.
Thank you God. Seriously,,,and he know's I'm posting the DF forum because I told him I will have all y'all
hunt him down if he breaks this promise to me.
lol, wink.


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I am grateful to be 47...I am grateful for that because never has it been easier to just be happy...I am at a great place where I am so grateful for my life and the people in it ...i am so grateful that things that used to bother me don't anymore, and that even people who I would rather be away from are now easily navigated...that while it is not perfect, it is very very ways that is simply couldn't have been when I was younger


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I am grateful that I can take dance lessons (although I wish it were more), and that I've adopted a reasonable outlook for competitions. It really helps me feel positive, and work towards future goals.

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