Halloween Costumes!!!!!


Ok so I did the whole 18th century vampire thing last year. We had fun. Thinking of doing something along the Rococo Period this year. Full out ball gown maybe. Hm .........


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Wow, what a hot vampire! :D

If I can find a costume for it, I might go as Bender. I do have a guitar amp I can take with me... :p
I'm a vampire (succubus lol) every year. I made my fangs when I first got into dentistry, they were looking pretty sad last year so I remade them. Then I put on my LBD with my fishnets and stillettos, wear a black cape, rat my hair >>out to here<<, pale my face, darken my eyes, were RED lipstick... basically vamp it up. Just last Tuesday I bought a new bracelet for my costume. It is a silver spiderweb with a spider on it, and it has a chain that attaches a ring, also with a spider on it. Perfect! I already have a large bat necklace. I just need some earrings...... Hmmm.......

Halloween about 10 years ago, I had rushed home from work to be at the door to greet trick or treaters. I still had my scrubs on, looking very much "normal", but I did have the fangs on and a 2x2 gauze taped to my neck with 2 red food color dots on it. Two neighborhood kids come to my door. I was very familiar with these kids, I knew them well and had spent time with them and their family on many occasions. The girl, age 6, looks at me with wide startled eyes and says, "Gosh, I've never seen THOSE before...." To which her brother, age 6, slugs her then replies, "Well, Duh! They only come out when there's a FULL MOON!"

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! It remains one of my favorite Halloween memories.

Last Halloween I went to a costume party/dance. It was missable. *sigh* Now that you've all got me thinking about Halloween, I need to start working on my daughter's Rapunzel costume.....


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I have an original Star Trek red dress uniform that I'm thinking of knocking the dust off of. (What? A girl can't be a dork?)
The red dress unis they wore in TWOK?

The last costume I wore was Pris from Blade Runner. The few people who "got it" appreciated it, but not many did.
Did you wear pancake makeup and airbrush black paint over all your eyelids?
My two costumes from last year:

(links removed)

The pirate was a big hit at the bars...although it did illicit a slew of cheesy pirate-themed pick-up lines ("So, uh...you gonna surrender the booty?"). My customers at Hooters loved the Elvis getup (I wore the glasses too) and I was obligated to do an impromptu version of "Viva Las Vegas" while standing on the bar during a huge rush (Halloween last year fell on Wednesday, which was All-You-Can-Eat Wing Night :shock:) Definitely two of the most fun costumes I've ever worn ;)


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Stopped at the party store on my way home from work last night...they're starting to get in all their halloween costumes :D I am such a big kid when it comes to Halloween, I LOVE to dress up! Might have to do 3 different costumes this year, as I did 2 different ones last year (Sexy Elvis at work, and sexy pirate at the bars :cool:). So far I'm digging on this Playboy Cupid costume, a sexy Spongebob costume, and Jessica Rabbit (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?). What about you guys? Do you get into Halloween at all? Do your studios have Halloween dances? What are you thinking of going as this year?
You were a Hooters girl,,therefore, I think you need to go as something against-type --> total frumpdom.

I can't even think of Halloween. Honestly, one of my pet peeves is that they're pushing autumn stuff in stores the first week of September. Our warm seasons are so stinkin' short here, I can't fathom pumpkin scented candles and witch decorations just yet!


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Heh, MQ, going completely against the grain like that is fun, but based on the ideas she's looking at so far, doesn't seem to be what she's looking for. :)

Still have no idea what I'm doing. if anything.


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Heh, MQ, going completely against the grain like that is fun, but based on the ideas she's looking at so far, doesn't seem to be what she's looking for. :)

Still have no idea what I'm doing. if anything.
yeah, and I'm sure you for one won't mind seeing her in something sexy??!! ;)

A bunch of highschool girls last year got together and went as the girls from that Howie Mandel game show (name escapes me). So they basically wore the same dress and had little suitcases with numbers on them. Thought that was kind of clever. I'm so not creative on this front.


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I've had my suspicions for years that all women can read minds. This just adds one more bit of support to my theory. :)
I'm not so sure that it is that we can read minds so much as that most men are pretty transparent. At least when it comes to hot babes.


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If I go anywhere I will go as the Absinthe Fairy. I will wear my old green ballgown (although it's gotten too big), do my makeup really crazy, and wear fairy wings and carry a little wand I made from green ribbons and sparkly things.


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Anyone else out there do themes,with friends/coworkers/whatever? Pros at sister's studio do theme costumed, kinda interesting. Did disney princesses for the females last year (and I think disney princes for the males, but don't remember for sure)

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