Halloween Costumes!!!!!

I'm goiing to take a wild guess and say Alan Parsons - The Raven? :)
Will look for it.. It's for the party at the studio and we didn't have any spotlight dances planned with our teacher.. But if i can find a copy of it by next week i'll see if she'll add it to the play list for the general dancing...
Thanks for the great idea!!!!

Larinda McRaven

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Larinda; I'm going to a Halloween party as you! that should scare the beejabers out of everyone! The Moderator be afraid be very afraid.

Gosh I remember the Alan Parsons Project and The Raven.
Looking for COUPLES costumes

Looking for couples costumes. In this thread, I saw princes and the pea, and priest and nun.

I hope for something at least one of the following
1. dancing related
2. where the women hurt or killed the man

Not Fred astaire and ginger rogers, I (the man) am not a good enough dancer. If it is a dancing couple, hopefully where the woman is a better dancer than the man.

Not Beauty and the beast, as a beast costume would be hard for me to dance in.

Also, I have never bought a costume, I have to be able to make it. I can run a sewing machine, but can't do anything fancy. Like I'd do velcro not buttonholes.

Ideas I already have:

sampson and delilah
John and Lorena Bobbitt
John the Baptist and Salome
Frankie & Johnny


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