Happy and/or Random Thoughts #2

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Funny, when you describe that 'going in a different direction' I can see hip-hop in my mind. I think I would have a very hard time with it! Still, more dances you do the better body awareness you get and everything improves. I certainly use what little I learned in latin with ballance, staying over the foot and how to turn/swivel etc a lot in standard
I think I'm going to have a hard time with it too. The thing that came to my mind was CBMP but, it's different than that. We will see, our teacher is very good at explaining how to do things and good at demonstrating. Anyway, I can see how hip-hop will improve my overall dancing.


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Happy, exciting thought ...
A couple of hours ago, my boss told me I might want to look at a certain job posting. I know you're supposed to keep an eye out for new opportunities, but I usually don't. The job I am in now involves some work that is supposed to be finished with in a year or two, and it has a convoluted background, and I've been doing it for 10 years, so I assumed I should just stick with it rather than "desert my post" and turn it over to someone who would not even be completely up-to-speed by the time it ended. I felt pretty sure I would then find another job within the company, but nothing was pulling me in any particular direction.

But this new job ... the description sounds very much like what I did, and loved doing, 10 years ago when the company dropped that part of its business and I ended up where I am now. My current job is tech-lite (to the extent that some people have mistaken me for a lawyer rather than an engineer). The new job would get me back to "real" engineering, including some aspects that I really miss. The company is picking up certain aspects of the old business again, but with new twists. I would have to learn some new technology and new skills, but my core knowledge is still applicable.

And ... when I called the guy who posted the job and told him I was applying, he said "I'm excited now." He is familiar with me and how I did the work back then. My current boss also knows what a great fit it would be and thinks I should go for it. He is getting ready to retire, and has been worried about making sure the people reporting to him land in the right spots (we're a quirky bunch). And, now that I think about it, the hard parts of my current job are going away quicker than the job itself ... it wouldn't take much to hold things together until the end ... I wouldn't have to feel guilty about leaving.

It's awful ... I'm thinking as if I already have the new job ... but I was the only one doing it in the old days, and I'm not aware of anyone who has since been hired who has anything approaching the same level of experience ... maybe someone from outside the company, but I'm here now ... I could get excited about work again ...


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Not particularly happy, actually made me a little sad, but definitely random. :)

Amazes me how we can do things subconciously without having any idea why we do them. Wearing a black french cuffed shirt today. I went to pick out cufflinks, and was having some trouble deciding. I kept coming back to red and blue pair, and wanted to wear them, which made no sense, as tshirt I'm wearing under this shirt is a wine color, so the cufflinks really don't match. But for some reason, kept coming back to them, jsut seemed right. Was running late, so just went with it.

On way out the door, i figured out why this shirt and these cufflinks jsut seemed right. Back in march, I bought this shirt to wear as costume for Rhythm dances for my first (and so far, only) competition. Pro was wearing a great blue dress with red, blue and crystal AB rhinestones for our rhythm entries, so i got these red and blue cufflinks. So now, 7 months later, without even thinking about it, and even when it doesn't match rest of what I'm wearing, this shirt and cufflinks jsut seem to go together due to the good memories attached to that. Course, the sad part comes in that It's going to be at least 14 months before I do a comp with her again. But one of those good sad feelings. :)

Beat that for random. ;)
In a sense your actions are not random at all - quite the opposite. Isn't it wonderful how the mind does things that you are not aware of - my favorite is when a joke (not a memorized one but one you think of in a situation or conversation) slips out that I am actually not aware of until it is said - in effect I hear it the same time as the people I am talking to. OF course, that can be rather embarassing at times!

I hope your shirt n' links give you a lot of warmies today. [Come to think of it, warmies is a term that slipped out while typing to Sam once... like it, gonna keep it... here's a warmie: :kitty:]
I'm in the IC dance team! :D I auditioned and I'm in! My assigned partner (for now, at least) is a nice guy, which is good, and we look good together, physically. There's this small issue of him being a complete beginner. :rolleyes: But considering there were basically seven or eight guys and a gazillion girls at the tryouts, there was no room for kicking beginner guys out. We'll see how it goes. I'll really try to do my best and maybe a more advanced guy will come along.



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Congrats TE. :)

And thanks ed and lucy. Thoughts of pro and dance in general are always good for
warmies. :) heh, she had new teacher chase me down today. Took lunch break to go practice, but saw Regional dance director there. I forgot he was in today training teh teachers. I didn't want to interrupt, so didn't even open door, turned around to go. my pro had sent one of the new teachers then to chase me down on the stairs and tell me to get back in there. the studio is family. love it.

Scheduled my last lesson today for before I leave though, which again was a happy/sad thing. Taking foxtrot class the last night, so checked to see if pro was teaching it (would have that be my last lesson with her before I left then). Turned out her brother was actually teaching it, so kept that on schedule, and jsut added private lesson with pro afterwards. In theory, will give me time to catch 9:30 train that night and get some sleep before I fly out. Suspect they'll all keep me around later than that talking. :)
I was thinking that, since I'm in London and I have a very light schedule anyways, I could look around for an amateur partner, uni team aside. Dancepartner.com comes to mind and I could post an ad here as well. Wouldn't hurt to do a couple of tryouts with a few guys, and who knows? I might find meself a real partner. ;)

This isn't really a whining post, because I am actually very proud of myself. What happened was that well one of the guys that we are in charge of tried blaming me for him not getting to his job. Well, it was 5, and what it boiled down to was that he didn't want to go. He wanted to go home instead. The thing is... is that we could have kept everything for tomorrow, but he wanted to change it for today and to be kept under his name. The thing is that these guys have to realize that we have rules that we have to follow. Because I followed these rules, I had witnesses saying that no I was not lying. I did my job correctly. He was the one that didn't want to do his job etc. We also had to get his supervisor on the phone. In some ways it frustrates me when you are new to have some people think that they can step all over you. But our company has got every rule down to a science, and you have to follow these rules no matter what like any other company I suppose.

But I'm like come on. If I make a mistake, then I admit to it. And I have made a mistake that I owned up to. They know that I want to learn from them, so I don't do them in the future. But even with that said, I'm still like... why do this type of stuff to the new people? Eventually they might get really good, and you might even be sorry you were once mean to them.

But either way, it's not my fault he didn't want to do his job. And I'm proud of myself for keeping a cool when he said I was lying. The other two girls are having a hard time keeping their cool with the guys. But to me it's like, that's the one department that they will fire people if they act up at all towards anyone. One of them was fired today in fact. They won't put up with that. And that's good. And my manager has been writing down that I've been doing excellent work every week. So, as long as she's happy then I'm fine.

I do hope the other two girls stay. The other one though can't handle it when the guys act up to her. I think with me that it's my work experience, and my life experience that I've had to be able to handle it. People are actually surprised that I haven't caved yet! But also, it's only work. It's not anything to be taken personally I don't think.


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After my group class today, I changed into my sneakers (new shoes are a half-size too small and hurt like [hustle]) and messed around with Jive for a bit. Didn't watch myself in the mirror, didn't stick to a specific routine, didn't care if anyone else was watching. For the first time in weeks, if not months, I absolutely loved Jive. It was so unbelievably fun, and I felt like my feet were barely touching the floor. I think I went through maybe three or four whole songs before I had to stop for a breather. :p
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