Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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interesting...I don't feel in the least obligated to respond to anything/anyone other than those to whom I wish to respond...good lord, I'd never get off the forum...some things inspire a comment from me..other things would just be obligatory bla bla...and, as your sig line says: kwim? not everything is worth commenting on to everyone...it isn't personal ...at least not for me...like, I may not have anything to say to ccm about grading papers and vag mon...doesn't mean I don't love her to death...I just don't have anything to say about it...


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and, to be completely fair, it has never once occurred to me to be offended that someone else didn't comment on whatever I posted but had something to say to someone else....maybe there are people who choose to do it as a deliberate snub...I prefer not to ascribe that to anyone...
ditto once again.


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I came in to work this morning (grumble: I was supposed to be working from home), and found a sweater from my coworker. She had gotten it, but then didn't like the way it fit her, so she brought it in to give it to me. How cool is that? It's really pretty, too.

Gotta love a workplace where we have been to each other's weddings, parties and what it at one another's houses, keep in touch and still see people who have retired, have one another over for dinner/brunch sometimes, vacation together, share food, and now share clothing. Pretty cool sort of workplace.


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So I went shopping today. As most of you probably know, I hate shopping. Hate. But I've got an interview coming up, so I needed a suit. Yes, I have two; no, they don't fit anymore. *cough* ANYWAY!

I'd started with the usual suspects: Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and whatever the other one is. No luck. So today, it was on to The Mall and Department Stores.

Did I mention I hate shopping? Too many people, too much sensory overload, too much commercialism. Too goddamn expensive! And, having gained weight, nothing looks good. It's like I knew how to dress my body when I was thinner, but now I don't know how to dress anymore. So...at the mall.

I started with the usual suspects: Nordstrom, Macy's, Lord & Taylor. No luck. And no bloody service, either. Ego at an all-time low...which is saying something. I wandered into Talbots. I've never found anything in Talbots. But I had terrific service. Once I got over myself, and the size label (resolve to lose weight: strengthened!), I was surprised to find that one of the outfits I'd immediately written off (I DO NOT DO PATTERNS!) actually looked...well, spectacular on me. Despite the price tag, I paid for it.

As I was wandering back, I stopped in at Lucky Jeans. I don't know why. I've always written it off as overpriced, trendy, and for skinny pretty girls. Not for me, in other words. But I went in anyway.

...and was completely and utterly overwhelmed. But, again, the service! Someone offered assistance on my way out, and I took it. As in, "I have no clue. I haven't bought jeans in about four years. Where do I start?" Literally. The woman was fantastic. I told her my size, much to my chagrin. We started there. I tried it on and thought, "Way too tight!" The woman just got me a different style and told me to try it on; according to her, the size was too big, and why it didn't feel good was because it was the wrong fit. Color me shocked. I think I must have tried on every damn style in the freakin' store. And, holy [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted], I found a pair that looked good and felt fantastic. I ended up buying two pairs, at a price I'd never in my life would have paid for jeans before. But now I get it.

And then I started on shirts. Because, you know, I need me some long-sleeved shirts. I kept saying, "But I'm a size *cough*." And the woman finally just told me, I know you want to go up in size. I get it. But it doesn't camoflage (sp?) anything. It just makes you look bigger and looks sloppy. Light bulb moment. She continued, telling me that no one has the perfect body, but it's all about illusion...and then proceeded to give me tips and pointers. For me, given that fashion is not my strong suit (I can get it on! Nothing is showing. Done and done.) this was...invaluable.

So... I still don't feel good about the size I am. I'm still horrified at spending $100 on a pair of jeans. Jeans! But...buying jeans has always ranked right up there with buying swimsuits. As in, take whatever self-esteem I have and put it through a cross-cut shredder. And then set it on fire. Etc. But after today, with the clothes that I have...I don't feel so bad.

OK, so I'm not thin. I'm working on that. But...I can still look good. I can still look pretty. I can still look stylish. OK, so I paid through the nose for it. OK, so I just paid for an ego boost. You know what? I don't friggin' care. What was that brand of shampoo, or whatever, with the "I'm worth it" add? Yeah. I'm worth it. Goddamn it, a lid for every pot, and my self-esteem is goddamn worth it.

...at least until the credit card statement rolls in...


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Wonderful story, P!

It's really funny. Once, I was complaining to a GF about never, ever being able to find a flattering pair of jeans that fit. she said, "Eh. Just go to Nordstrom. You'll pay an arm and a leg, but the personal shoppers will spend hours with you and find you jeans that fit your body. And you'll get jeans that are good enough quality to last you for years."

I immediately dismissed what she said. Nordstrom? For jeans? Pssh. But, from what you're saying, it sounds like she was right.
This seems like as good a place as any to record the following knowledge for posterity:

1. There's a reason velcro with adhesive on the back says "Not for use on fabric".

2. Once they get adhesive all over them, the little needles that come in mending kits aren't really strong enough to go through a piece of velcro and multiple layers of fabric.

3. If you use black thread to sew a piece of black velcro to black material, and your eyes are more than forty years old, you'll never be able to see the stitches when you need to take them back out.

4. Thread that is all gummed up with adhesive won't come out anyway.

5. Using one of those needle threader gizmos with thread that is gummed up with adhesive will ruin the needle threader gizmo.


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I love my regular coffee customers...George with the paper, coffee, and doughnut. Dominic with his weak flat white. That guy I don't know the name of and his two skinny cappuccinos, with 1 and 3 sugars respectively.
And the macchiato guy, but I never see him anymore.

They make my day, every day.


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Odd thing with my wireless router yesterday... Around lunchtime, it was acting up -- lots of dropped connections, and the laptop kept dropping off the network and then re-joining. I rebooted the laptop and then cycled the wireless router. That seemed to help. A few hours later, it did it again. Oddly, I couldn't contact the router itself from the laptop. I went downstairs and accessed it from the Mac, which is on the wired network, and it seemed to be fine -- no DNS problems, no registration problems, cable modem was OK. While randomly thumbing through the wireless setup parameters, I noted what channel number it was set on, and decided to change it to a different channel. That solved the problem, and it hasn't reoccurred since. Evidently something was interfering on the channel it was on, although I can't imagine what.


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I'm happy happy happy. Thought I didn't score at the weekend Kohl's sale for myself and grandkiddos. Flyer today Tuesday said "if you 60 or over it's 15% off, not inclusive with other coupons"...dragged DH with me...and used his age to save $317 dollars, Christmas WELLA, completed. and everything was still on sale!! WOO HOOOO.

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