Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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I read some weird thing recently about why black olives are black. Can't remember most of it, but the impression I got is that black olives are almost always going to be in a can. I'll google.


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Hah! Just got the straight dope (This is actually not where I read this before. It's just the first link that came up this time.)

Black olives in cans are picked before they're ripe, then artificially ripened; exposure to oxygen makes them turn black. They have to be cooked in the can to inhibit bacterial growth. Green olives are picked before they ripen and are pickled in brine which has the proper pH to inhibit bacterial growth without the need for cooking.

Ripe olives are either purple or black. So, if you're getting un-canned black or purple olives, that means that they were allowed to ripen on the tree. They're still packed in brine, though.

Far more than I ever wanted to know about olives. Just sayin.

http://www.straightdope dot com/columns/read/2885/why-is-it-that-green-olives-come-in-glass-jars-but-black-olives-come-in-cans


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nephew; "auntie, I love your car"
me; "well thanks trev, but it is a very dirty car today"
nephew; "no auntie, I mean I love this car because of all of the good memories inside of it"

me; blink and gulp

That is precious.

Kids. They say unexpected things that make you laugh and unexpected things that make you cry. In a good way. :)


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I'm pretty sure Hans Zimmer has all of one sound when it comes to composing movie scores. DH and I can both pick out something he wrote, a mile away.

Also, The Dark Knight Rises is stupid as hell. Not even pretty fun. Best part: chickie who is current incarnation of cat woman is sexy as hell in the latex suit.

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