Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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It's snowing! Today is one of my absolute favorite kinds of weather days: the sky is a completely uniform gray/white everything is silent and still, and the snow is coming down. I LOVE days like this. It's the only time I am not bothered by gray skies. Happy...


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The yeast in my latest batch of mead pooped out a little earlier than I wanted so it turned out a bit sweeter than I'd planned. Fortunately, since it's a habanero mead, the sweetness is balanced by the heat.
Any post that starts off with a reference to "my latest batch of mead" gets my full attention, just like that.


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Also had a really weird dream where someone had broken into all of the cars on the street and stolen headlights, spark plugs, petrol, etc.
Cars were still there, but the stuff needed to make them go wasn't.

Stupid dream.


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Downloaded an alternate driver for the touchpad on my new laptop. So far, it does seem to be better behaved, although it's still not doing palm rejection during typing like it should.

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