Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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There is an optional recital for my (beginner) ballet class that I thought would be fun to do. The students in my class are supposed to play the ensemble role (townspeople and the like) but apparently due to my previous dance experience, the teacher recommended me to dance an actual role! Excited, and nervous.


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Random musing: How do you spell smart aleck? No matter which way I type it in, my browser tells me it's wrong. Does it want me to capitalize Aleck? Is it really alec? Or Alec? Does this expression not really exist and I've just been a dingdong all this time?

I'm gong to have to try not to think about this.


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I still got it! First private lesson in... hmm. Almost a year, I think. And my teacher says if anything my technique has jelled. A few minor touch-ups here and there, a new way of looking at balance. All and all a great lesson. Woo hoo! Now to get back on the social dance floor.

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