Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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I just had the idea of having a private with my husband and my favourite teacher!I don't care if I borrow the money or if it causes me a back pain! I'll do my best to go ahead with it nomatter what! Why not? Let's just make our dreams come true! Let's not stop dreaming!!!!!!!!!


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Mine is fine Fas.
Although there are times it seems to take on a life of it's town. No idea why.
Happy thought, countdown to new renovated kitchen, nixed the gas stove - decision made, finally! :) wallpaper peeling has begun!


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very psyched about taking a long weekend next month alone with dh to a resort and spa.....will have to work manyextra hours next month so the massages are going to be essential


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Just popped my credit card cherry to pay my car rego!

Cars are expensive...pay rego, fix overheating, replaces brakes and rotors...all at the same time. Yay for my credit card.


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That my circuit free weight trainer pushes me as hard as he does, no matter how much whining and complaining I do. The pay off has been worth it. Thank you,,,and keep pushing with those 60 reps,,,,no matter how much I hate/love you.


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How long were they unopened?

I once had a Snickers bar that I was saving for a long time, but never got to find out whether or not it went bad because ants got to it first!

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