Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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Finals are done! Huzzah! Now I can dance five days a week. Oooh and my city's chapter of USA Dance is having a ballroom social. Will be my first time at one of these events. This week is going to be sweet.


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Today, three out of the five mirrors at the studio where I practice were clutter-free, clean and usable. It was great!
(But.... well, over to the whining thread.....)


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Got two English assignments back...79% for both of them! That's pretty much the highest grade I've had in a couple of years.

Wooooooo! Distinctions again!

Also my tutor didn't notice it was handed in late and didn't take marks off.


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Over the weekend I took inventory of what I need to buy in anticipation of local multi-studio dance event in a couple of weeks. Surprisingly, the damage is pretty light this time: eyelash glue, favorite Neutrogena highlighter blush, and dance tights. It could, and usually is, a lot worse.


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DH, not allowed to "exercise" but is allowed to walk,,,talked about returning to group lesson for beginning social foxtrot and rumba so he can "do something" other than just plain walk, he loves the rumba because he hardly has to do anything...YES !!!~~! She leaps for joy (that would be me,,,leaping...that is...if I could leap without breaking a bone).

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