Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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You know you're a dancer when "I just spent $276 on 40 gross of rhinestones" is not an entirely unreasonable statement...
Ha! Yep, last month when the wildfires were approaching our house, one of the few things I packed in case we had to evacuate was my supply of rhinestones. I figured the home insurance folks would have a hard time understanding a claim for a couple hundred gross of rhinestones...


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Ordered my rhinestones from Elite Crystals Monday lunchtime...arrived Thursday morning. Hong Kong to Australia. Super impressed, and the stones are great quality.


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I just signed up for this year's Dragoncon. I do, of course, love me some dancing, but I think it'll do me some good to do something that involves neither dance nor staring at a computer screen.


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having a bunch of fun cooking today....I am too busy on mondays and tuesdays to cook so sunday is usually a big cooking day; ratatouille with sausage, scalloped potatoes and ham w/ broccoli, asian slaw salad, baked sirloin steaks with mushrooms and peppers, garlic bread, kolaczkis with raspberries on the side

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