Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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Lunch with a friend, great dance class and awesome 3 mile run. Also delicious afternoon nap. Now making beef and bean enchilada casserole for dinner. Two more dance classes and plenty of downtime in the next few days.


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Have the opportunity to apply for both an overseas teaching experience and an entry-level position in my preferred industry.

On one hand, I've wanted to do this teaching program since I was in high school.

On the other hand, this entry-level admin position could be my foot in the door.

If I get in to both...well...I don't know.

Leaning towards the admin position, TBH. I can go to Japan at any time...this opportunity may not come up again.


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Sounds to me like Japan is for personal enrichment and admin is for career development. From what I know of you, I think you have a more immediate need for career development.

But look at it this way: apply to both; you only need to make a decision if you get accepted by both!


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Decent evening of dancing tonight. Decent afternoon of dancing tomorrow. When we first started, people would stand in the studio break room and laugh at us messing up, and take bets on when we'd quit. Now, we teach each of their new partners they drag through, and them between breakups.

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