Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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Just soaked my feet in epsom salts after a hard lesson. AAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.
I'm wondering if I should do this BEFORE lessons, so that my feet are supple and responsive from the get-go.


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Here's what a lazy cow I am. I normally come in, smear baby-wipes around on my face to get the most of the warpaint off, and plant my butt in my computer chair until my brain crashes. I found, while spelunking in an drawer for something unrelated, an old bottle of eye-makeup remover, so I decided to use it.

Like WHOA, dude- now my eyes don't feel like I tried to put them in concrete shoes and roll them off into the Hudson. Who knew that eye makeup remover would actually remove eye makeup? I've made the most amazing discovery.

Meh, too much work. Back to wipe-gouging.


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I think it is never a bad idea to warm your feet in whatever way possible...I'd berather hesitant to soften them though...as, when my feet are too soft on the bottom the only thing that ever comes of it on a lesson is blood blisters under callouses


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An elegant evening of big-band orchestral sound, dancing, and catered dinner, you say? Certainly.

A narrow-knat strip of cleared-off concrete in a Cold War-era bomb shelter with a bunch of drunk rednecks misspelling YMCA and sloshing five-buck spumante all over... actuality.

So we were baited and switched NYE, but we DID have a table of our students, a boot-flask of the good stuff, and I totally raided all the empty tables for bonbons and beads. What could have been a bad evening thanks to misrepresentation and crap advertising was actually pretty great. Now to the whining thread to gripe about that concrete floor...

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