Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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When I took the dog out last night before bedtime, desipte the frigid windchill, I took the opportunity to look up at the stars. It was the most dazzling, gorgeous nighttime sky I have ever seen. As cold as I was, I stopped in my tracks to soak in the brilliance of it. Simply stunning.


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so proud of my daughter....doesn't want to spend money on flowers for her wedding...wants to carry BOOKS down the aisle at her wedding with flowers that she has crocheted atop them...and wants to have big baskets for collecting an offering of books, canned goods, and yarn at the front of the church for various charities......
Dance Dream! I dreamed there was a top smooth couple who had choreographed cats to go with their routines!! HAhahaha! They were raising the cute Vans, had tiny kittens, too.
I was playing with the cats. Then I got to go to England with their entourage. I ate something, didn't know what it was, then a man took me in dance hold and waltzed me around the patio outside.
Cats who could do choreography!! Hahaha! They were adorable!


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One of our students has decided to put a practice room in her house, and is asking about flooring, mirrors, etc. It's so great to get people hooked on something legal and non-harmful, Lol.


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Because of everything that was going on with my grandmother, my family and I put christmas on hold. We open presents yesterday, and although it was hard afterward as grandma wasn't there for the first time that I can remember, it was great spending time with my family and bf.


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At an overlooking class...dude I bought the machine from said "now, you'll have to have a bit of experience to keep up, but you can always watch"

Now I'm sitting in a room full of middle aged ladies who haven't unearthed their overlockers for 20 years and are trying to figure out how to get started. I guess I'll be fine!

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