Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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Had my first experience as a lead during an intermediate (full bronze/early silver) waltz group class last night. OMG, that was fun - probably the best time I've ever had in a group class! Managed to navigate floor traffic, while dancing on time, maintaining my "backwards" frame and remembering the man's footwork!

I am totally doing that again.


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very stoked....we don't have official permission yet...fingers crossed...but it looks as though dtr is going to be married at Madonna della Strada on the Loyola campus....which is....gorgeous...but, more importantly, we have always had a strong affinity for the Jesuits and their contributions to the world... so the thought of having the service there, where the dali lama(sp?) has spoken, with our dear Jesuit friend presiding, nevermind that is is right on the lake, is just......awesomeful


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My new hair wax smells like toffee.

I love having short hair.
I got some really awesome Paul Mitechell Hair care products for Christmas that smell like ginger and it mixes so well with the St. Ive's Sea Salt scrub that I picked up last night. The two smells mix well amazingly. I felt like I was in heaven last night.


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Birthday surprises were completed successfully and fb had a great time this weekend :) I am very tired now. One more hoop with his parents coming down. At least they are treating us to lebenese food (last surprise).

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