Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

I'm going to call this random: so I had the aforementioned surgery yesterday. It was nothing terribly serious - I had a cyst in my cheek that really needed to be removed. Everything went well. I was, however, surprised when I took the bandage off this morning. I have a line of stitches running halfway down my cheek. Seriously, it's a good 5cm long. There are 20 of them. That was ... not what I'd expected.
I dig people who can get over not being flawless :)...
Oh, believe you me. I came to terms with my lack of flawlessness a *long* time ago. :D

Happy thoughts: I feel roughly a bazillion times better today than I did yesterday. It was one of those funny cases where I thought I felt more-or-less fine yesterday only to realize how wrong I'd been when I woke up. But I really do feel well today.
Long thought, but very happy.

Was in talks with a sponsored girl in Europe to buy her latin dress which I really liked. Finally started talking to the sponsor, and they wanted 100 more euro, and for me to pay shipping. The dress was already the most I could possibly afford (or really, want to spend). Got really bummed because I couldn't justify buying it and it was the second dress that I had found that I really liked (although, not quite as much as the first which was $4500....:eek:)

3 hours after when I was feeling bummed out, a girl posted about her latin dress that has LITERALLY everything I was looking for. And below budget. Have already emailed her and am working out the final bits of the transaction. I feel like this is a good karma moment from the universe. Thank you, universe!:dancingbanana:

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