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Happy thought: I just discovered the 5 discs worth of oldies music my dad put on my lap top while I was home for the summer!! That was very nice of him... (it's music I like but do not really own) he can be a pretty silly guy-- which I like!
Oldies music is my favorite. I'm talking about the real 50's stuff. Doo wop rules :!: :!: :!: My mom used to sing in an acapella 50's band. They were awesome. It's the stuff that dreams are made of.


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DO they clean out cement trucks? If they do, probably some sort of solvent, not just water, to dissolve the cement while it's washed/rinsed away? :? *shrug*


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Why is a shoe called a shoe? Why is a horse called a horse?

(Sorry. Still thinking about the movie duos thread. Bill Robinson and Shirley Temple, you know. :D )


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Hmm. Everyone seems to be in a silly mood today. Not a single serious dance topic has been adressed yet this morning. Must be a Friday! :D


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Man! Vince just ruined a perfectly good silliness streak by posting something serious! :lol: :lol: Doesn't he know it's Friday? :lol:

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Oh man . . . some of us work for a living.

Besides, someone needs to keep you "kids" in line!



Hmmmmm . . . horseshoes!


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Why are butterflies called butterflies? They're not flies and they don’t subsist on butter. They should be called flutterbys because that’s what they do – flutter by!
You know what is strange/random? Nail polish. Yes Nail polish. Who ever thought it would be a good idea to paint our nails strange colors? They get ruined after a few days and then you have to use a harsh chemical to get off the paint, only to repaint and take off, repaint....humans are strange creatures :roll:

Vince A

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And tea . . . we boil it to make it hot, then we add ice to get it cold!
We add sugar to make it sweet, then add lemon to make it sour.

Or football. Why that word? The players mainly use their hands and the ball is not shaped like a ball.

Or, how about "military intelligence?"
In England where football was invented, they call soccer football. It is a ball that you kick with your foot. Even in Spanish speaking countries they call it futbol.
Tea was a popular drink in the old days when good drinking water was scarce. The heat killed the bugs. Then, when we got to the colonies, we decided the weather was too hot, so we cooled it off.
The military intelligence one I'll go for. It is pretty dumb.
Nail polish is wierd, but what about tattoos? They don't even come off. Ever.


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Here's a random thought for you: Did you know that if you go to dance-forum.com rather than dance-forums.com, you get a bulletin board in German? Hmmm.
I'll bet somehwere on the German site there is a conversation about this site and how easy it is to get mixed up between the two.
No, I tried searching on the german site for any stuff relating to dance-forums.com. They must not have any random thoughts about this site.
I was thinking it would turn out like one of those Borges stories with mirrors and labyrinths. It seems like I remember he claimed some German ancestry. He was a random type if I ever saw one.
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