Harlem Shake in the Tango World????


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it has infected the Armed Forces, the National Basketball Association, Middle East Protesters. Is Argentine Tango next?


Steve Pastor

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Watch the video where they interview people from Harlem.

This is a good one, too.

PS That's not tango! Ya'll need to stop that!

PPS cabaceo cabaceo cabaceo

PPPS Interesting that Harlemites have a similar reaction as some (of us?) AT afficionados.


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Yup. Lots of controversy about the Harlem Shake and whether the dance that recently went viral has anything to do with the "real" Harlem Shake.*shrug*

re: Not really tango. Just a little fun razzing. re: Harlem Shake and AT. At least no one can argue that it's not legitimate social dance. Looks pretty social to me. :p

Mr 4 styles

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her swayback and excessive ballet turnout accompanied by the slight but often "foot wobbles" add to an unattractive movement quality she really danced like someone on a VERY slick floor she must have a strong core as he did not appear to be effected by her balance checks

music was great though:)

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