Headphone suggestions for practice?

I am looking for suggestions for some kind of headphone device that uses blue tooth to sync with a phone that is playing music, but the headpiece would be one that wraps around the back of the head, and does not use 'earbuds' because apparently those never work for me even when I'm not moving at all :)


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There are quite a lot of headphones like so. I know Nokia makes them, for instance...they work with phones, laptops, iPads, pretty much anything that works with Bluetooth transmission.
Related question: can 2 Bluetooth headsets run off a single iPad? If so, two partners could dance to the same music in, say, a public practice area.
Related question: can 2 Bluetooth headsets run off a single iPad? If so, two partners could dance to the same music in, say, a public practice area.
I don't think it's possible for any device to connect to two Bluetooth headsets at the same time, although it would be great if someone were to find a way around that.
Even if connecting to 2 headphones with a single device is not yet available, I have seen couples practice where the man wears the head phones and the lady follows. I understand that the lady must also listen to the music as well but it is also important for ladies to develop our sensibility to follow without music. This type of practice will be dedicated to ladies learning to be more reactive to the man's lead. I find that a lot of times when both partner can hear the music, the partners don't seem to be dancing with each other as there wasn't any real lead and follow. It was very much automatic pilot.
If you're doing Standard, you can split a set of earbuds with your partner, each of you using one of the sides. Doesn't work for other styles ;-)

I've practiced by myself with earbuds and headphones. That being said, it always seems a bit odd, both balance-wise and in terms of being able to sense my surroundings. You'd be surprised how much you use your hearing for sensing when you're getting close to someone or something else. And it just plain disconnects you from what's going on around you. If you have a room to yourself, at least you won't hurt anyone else...



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iPhones work with Bluetooth headsets, don't they? Can you have one person on Bluetooth and one person on earbuds?


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I'd try it, if only I had a BT headset. Hmm. Although my car head unit does BT and I can play music through it. Maybe I can try that.

I've tried using a splitter so one person was wired, the other on Bluetooth, but like Gorme said, there was too much lag.

I've had some good results with using an FM transmitter. Obviously, the sound quality is worse, but it's a lot cheaper. An issue for me was finding FM transmitters that were small and light enough to carry in a pocket. It seems stores tend to stock car kits.

I've been meaning to try using a splitter with two Bluetooth transmitters.


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Back when I was doing BR, I used a cheap fm transmitter and a tiny mp3 player with a radio. The mp3 player used regular batteries, but it was pretty cheap as well... Maybe $20? Got it all off of Amazon.
Not the biggest fan of BT headphones personally, too much dropping out and interference sometimes. Used to wear a pair whilst bouldering so i could leave my player in my bag. Go for something that's BT2.0 or above for (slightly) better quality/streaming. I've heard the Jabra Sport/Philips Actionfit/Plantronics Backbeat stay on quite well (ca. $50/£35). Personally, I like my Nike neckband wired earphones paired with my Shuffle :) They're very light and don't move around ($10-20). If I had to go BT, I'd plug them into a BT receiver that could be clipped on or worn like a pendant.

I don't think it's possible for any device to connect to two Bluetooth headsets at the same time, although it would be great if someone were to find a way around that.
Seems this is a popular thing amongst us dancers :p Suggestions for this dilemma:

1. Cheap option: RF transmitter on player/ipod and 2 personal radios (ca. $50/£35)
2. Audio splitter with two BT transmitters paired with two separate BT headsets (ca. $150/£100)
3. Single BT transmitter with simultaneous streaming function and two BT headsets (between $120/£80 and $300/£210 depending on transmitter)
4. Media Player with dual BT stream function (Samsung's P2 does this I believe) and two BT headsets (ca. $250)

There aren't many offerings to fill the role of Option 3's transmitter: the iPod-only KOKKIA iM10 is $200 on Amazon US, the Bee-Wi Universal transmitter I've been looking for is 40 Euros + shipping from France, the Bee-Wi iPod Dual Air Streamer is £25 on ebay UK, and the Fun2U iMusic Dual for iPod ships from China and I can't find a price (although I saw a latin couple use one and they said it worked quite well).

Personally, if money were no object I think I'll try a Bee-Wi transmitter... but I'd rather spend money on lessons ;) I think one of those speaker t-shirts would be fun to practice in too :D
Ha :) seems TC and Subliminal beat me too it whilst I was scribing that essay :p

TC: it works, but we had to use the identical ones because two different ones gave us slight lag. It was also cumbersome to clip on/put in a pocket and the cost of all the bits add up :p Leaving the player on the side of the floor works to a point.


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To connect to my iPod, i have a splitter to the earphone jack. To each side of the splitter, I have a bluetooth transmitter, and two separate bluetooth headsets. With bluetooth you can only pair one receiver with one transmitter. Each of these is the same brand so that the delays through each bluetooth connection is about the same.
For practicing as a couple, we are using two sets of wireless haedphones from Rapoo, which were bought from Amazon.
Each was about $60 (now about 50). Dual Transmitter from RadioShack - about $8. Works like a charm, the radius is great, occasional loss of reception, but nothing major. Battery life is about 3 hours, but since the base dies faster than the headphones, keep it connected to the power source, while practicing. the only thing - we have to wear headband, so the headphones stay on the head, while dancing. For self-practice the BT from Rocketfish work great for me - very comfortable and secure on the head.

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Addition to the previous post:
P.s. They did not have a different color, when we were bying the rapoo headphones, but now the blue one is available, so suggest to buy one black and one blue to avoid confusion:)

Actually we do it all the time !!! Here is the secret..

you buy a splitter cable for your iPhone - one out into two - costs a couple of dollars.

You then buy two bluetooth transmitters plugged in to the two outputs - we use Jabra

We then use Motorola bluetooth headsets - each synched to one of the bluetooth transmitters

away you go... we acutally also use the amazing slowdowner Iphone app to play the music - you can set to to practice tempi

hope this helps


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Wireless Earphones in Pairs

Maybe someone here can help me. I'm looking to find a way that two people can listen to the same music track through two different headphones. We need to use the headphones during a general practice session where there is other music playing but we want to listen to our own music (we're working on a showcase).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm exploring options here. The ideas I have had generally work for only for one or the other headset, not both at the same time. Also, I would rather the headset wasn't too big and bulky as we will be dancing with them on.


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There have been a number of threads on this topic in the ballroom forum. Might try searching there.

From what I remember, the main issue is Bluetooth and wireless are expensive, and have a delay. So with those options, you usually want to buy two of the exact same headphone, then use a simple splitter at the source.

The less expensive option is to buy a cheap FM transmitter and then get two cheap small radios. The issue with this method is the sound quality, but maybe for practice you don't care.

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