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I'm having trouble finding some lace, maybe some of you have seen something like this in passing. This is the type of lace I want, but I'm looking for it in a blueberry (or violet more towards blue than purple) shade:

I've had a few people in NYC look for me, but they're not having any luck either.


Edit: Okay, of course Chrisanne has it in the color I want, but at a rather high price. Here is the color:


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Did they try MJ Trim store in NYC (not website which has much less choice)...not sure who would have if they didn't. I've only looked at the black, but there is tons to choose from...
I think one of my "scouts" did look there -- but it's not trim we're trying to find; it's actually stretch lace fabric. Needs to be wide.


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Can you find it in white and possibly dye it? Maybe take it, and your dress, to a local place that can match the color as closely as possible for you.


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I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks for the idea. :p
You can try, but many synthetic fabrics don't dye well and don't hold the color well.

The stretch lace is very very nice. If you need a meter or less, it is probably worth it to bite the bullet and buy it from someone who can supply Chrisanne fabrics. You should talk to dressgirl about finding some :)


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how much do you want and how are you using it?
Sent you a pm.

You can try, but many synthetic fabrics don't dye well.
I somewhat had a feeling that might be the case because I really don't see a lot of people dying lace (or fringe for that matter...and I'm looking for a certain color purple fringe 18" while I'm on the subject). I also thought that washing it out could be an issue. I hate to take the chance.


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Have you tried They have stretch lace, and the price is certainly right. Don't know if they have a blueberry color right now, but they may have something that's not posted online.

Connie in VA
Hi Connie,

Missed your post entirely. I think that is one of the sites I checked; had something like 30 pages of lace, but not the color I need. I appreciate your help -- and welcome aboard!


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well, we can always put them in the freezer and use them for ice cubes in our margaritas.

Lordy...1001 Ways to Use Gummy Bears...all here on DF.

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