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While we're on the topic, I happen to also have a showcase coming up with the theme of ... heroes and villians. (Small world, isn't it?) My instructor and I are waffling back and forth on whether or not to do something in it. You see, I just recently started dancing smooth and have OSB as a goal comp this year. And my time with her is already limited. So while the theme is totally in my wheelhouse, *if* we do something, it pretty much has to be something that we could tie directly to the smooth that I'm learning. We've already decided one quickstep just wouldn't make sense. (As well as deciding that we couldn't make the songs from Dr. Horrible work, which was just tragic.) Anyone have any bright ideas? Or want to tell me that to listen to that little voice that's telling me to focus on my competitions?


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Tango - Theme from Angel - Robert J. Kral (cover) (requires editing for tempo)
Argentine Tango - Assassin's Tango - John Powell
Foxtrot - Everybody Needs a Ninja - Matthew Ebel
Rumba (American) - Evil Man - Abney Park
Foxtrot - Evil Night Together - Jill Tracy
Cha Cha - Evil Ways - Carlos Santana
Rumba (International) - Goldfinger - Gold Star Ballroom Orchestra
Waltz - Gotham City - Klaus Hallen (cover)
Paso Doble - He's a Pirate - Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack
Rumba/Bolero - Hero - Enrique Iglesias
Viennese - I Put a Spell on You - Marilyn Manson (cover)
Paso Doble - Imperial March (Vader's Theme) - John Williams
Jive - Man With the Golden Gun - Gold Star Ballroom
Quickstep - Man With the Hex - Atomic Fireballs
Paso Doble - Mortal Kombat - AA. VV. (cover)
Hustle - Murder on the Dance Floor - Sophie Ellis Baxter
Samba - Never Say Never Again - Gold Star Ballroom
Paso Doble - On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Gold Star Ballroom
Foxtrot - Pinky and the Brain - The Hit Crew
Rumba (American) - Skullcrusher Mountain - Johnathan Coulton
Polka - Something Wicked - Vernian Process
Rumba (American) - Still Alive - Johnathan Coulton
Quickstep - The Super Rad
... only QS ...?

How about the "Anything Goes" Theme in Mandarin from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom opening sequence (for the nerds among us)


"Star Wars Cantina Band"
"George of the Jungle" Theme
"Monsters Inc." Theme
"Hey Pachuco" from the Mask (it's incredibly fast, however... haven't found a (good) version I could pitch properly yet)

I believe there is a new "Imperial March" QS on the "Ballroom Glamour" sampler by Casa Musica


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Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down is the QS that we had considered and decided wouldn't make sense for us. It's a bit less original-sourcy than most of the other suggestions, but it's a whole lot easier to dance to for a Superman-themed showcase piece than the actual Superman theme would have been.


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"Hero" (on the Spider-Man soundtrack, the older one, not the new one)
"Theme From Spider-Man" (on Spider-Man 2, covered by Aerosmith)
If you're including James Bond themes, I did a tango showcase last year to "You Know My Name" from Casino Royale (could also be tango/paso)
"Diamonds Are Forever" is rumba/bolero


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There's actually going to be a James Bond group number put together by my instructor. Alas, as an out-of-towner, I won't be able to participate in that one due to my inability to make the mid-week sessions. It would have been a perfect opportunity to get involved in the showcase without distracting from my comp preparations.


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A dramatic (and less exagerated than one might think) rendition of a conversation I had my instructor in our lesson this weekend:

Instructor: So, did you think of anything that you wanted to do for a showcase piece?
Me: Well, I did hear one suggestion that would have been perfect for us, but it's really too short. I'm not sure it's worth fussing with.
Instructor: What was it?
Me: Pinky and the Brain foxtrot

Her boyfriend is a professional singer/songwriter, and she's convinced he'll be able to easily throw together a showcase-length remix of the song, so thanks, suburbaknght. :)

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