Heroes and Villains Showcase Music

Mr 4 styles

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Her boyfriend is a professional singer/songwriter, and she's convinced he'll be able to easily throw together a showcase-length remix of the song, so thanks, suburbaknght. :)
there is a version of the theme song in japanese on you tube

rip it with an mp3 converter slow it down and blend it in

Larinda McRaven

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The thing about themed shows and music is this. Your music and theme better be immediately identifiable by the vast majority of the audience. If it isn't then the entire theme is lost on them.

I like Pinky and the Brain as much as the next goofball, but I can almost guarantee that the rest of the audience won't "get" it. Imperial March is, within the first three notes, recognizable by just about every person in America. Much easier to pull off a show based on something like that.

At Ohio one year Giampiero and Ieve (?) did a Matrix showdance. They came out in long black trench coats, sunglasses, and she even put a black rinse on her hair and slicked it back, a la Trinity. Everyone, over the age of 35, was completely uninterested and lost. Great dancing, poor theme choice.
Thank you all for your help...we actually ended up going with a V. Waltz and slow waltz combination. To "skin" by rascal flats. After relizing we both have an emotional connection with that song.

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