Hey Everybody!!! Forum Software Upgrade in the Works


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Any way we could get the search box on the top right to be a color that contrasts with the background?

i think its a new infernalnet trend. there are lots of pages where they think its cool to make the text box virtually invisible, or eg FB, unread messages a nano-shade different to read messages..

I'm going to create a a black website with black writing and black comment boxes; pure Hitchhiker's Guide and totally froody..;)
We are doing some tuning on the server. The host is telling me they want even more money per month, but I think we will be able make some tweaks. Basically the server memory is being exhausted and then it gets slow. I have a thread going over at Xenforo and they gave us some tips and it should work out better soon.
Have noticed a significant lag-time in loading DF pages. Was bad yesterday, worse today. Occurs regardless of device.

Anyone else experience this? All other sites I go to load fine.
Me too. Extremely slow. It often takes 30 secs or more to load a page using Firefox, IE or Chrome. No other web site I regularly use takes this long.
I don't think the Music section is working correctly. I submitted several Viennese waltz song months ago, which appear under "Latest Additions". But if you're trying to search by the Viennese waltz genre, they're not there. I've seen the same thing with music that others have submitted: the genre lists are not getting updated, only latest additions.

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