High cut Leotards

My little sister still wears leos with high cut legs with dance tights over them. She says "It shows off my height and my long legs". (She is tall for her age). Sometimes when in the middle of a routine, a kick or stretch exposes her bare hips, and has to pull her shorts or tights up to "cover" herself. Her high school dance club practices in the hallways outside the studio, which happens to be next door to the guys' weight room. Her and her classmates always say the guys are perverts because the watch the girls dance. So from a teenage boys' point of view, is he looking at her "skin" or just watching the dance? I keep telling her that the situation is normal as it happened to me 9 years ago when I was on the gymnastics team at her school, but she doesnt believe me. What should I tell her?

I AGREE, Tell that to my Sis!

Watching attractive, scantily clad girls dance does not make a teenaged boy a pervert, it makes him normal.
Ive been married for over a year now, and we adults know that saucy lingerie has some similar properties and looks that leotards do, only lingerie comes off(LOL). My hubby loves to see me while Im dressed and dolled up in sexy outfits, and I love to please him because I am married to him and in love with him!
Possibly, but.............

When you have a dance studio full of 35 young women, and they all seperate off into groups and each group has their own portable stereo, they DO need to seperate so as to not disturb the other dancers while choreographing and practicing.
Sounds like your sister is in that stage of wanting to attract attention and being uncomfortable when she gets it. It's part of growing up and of the complexity of being a woman.

If the boys are making inappropriate comments or anything like that, it should be dealt with, but it is normal for them to want to look at pretty girls. Since it seems the girls are forced to practice in a public place, they might feel more comfortable if they wore looser, less revealing clothes for those practices.
Oh the joys of being young again! Well, I remember in high school how us girls would practice right outside the gym where the guys were at, and you can bet that each one of us wanted to be there hoping to get a guys attention. And of course that's when you wanted to dress skimpy or in sexy workout clothes anyways, because it was safe. The guys wouldn't say anything out loud for fear of the coaches kicking them off practice etc. So, really it's sort of a safe for the girls and guys to flirt a bit this way. Now if things ever got out of hand, then you can bet the teachers would say something. But my guess is that your sister secretly loves the attention like what us girls did, but is nervous when she finally gets the guys to look at her. That's normal for the guys and the girls and especially at that age. I've been there and done that and very much enjoyed the experiences, as I'm sure your sister secretly does too. ;)

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