How about a pic :))!

hola beautiful people..

well i dont know if this would work.. but i think if u guys & girls would post just one of the pics u like of yourselves while dancing on this thread.. this could be quite inspiring :D .. we are at our most beautiful when dancing.. :wink: .. plus it would get us more familiar with each other .. also is a kind of a short cut / or preview for people who dont have enough time in the immediate/short term to whizz thru the albums..

how about it? :)
Well, I already have one of me put up. You know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself when you're dancing? :wink:

P.S. Not to mention, the link in my sig file... not that it's all about me dancing of course.
Let me try........


Nah, it's not working :roll: .......DF Resident Dodo in action again :lol: !

*seriously, how hard is it to just go to the album...?*


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I don't have any good recent pictures, so I'm going with a very old one. This was from 2001. Oh, and please don't use this as an opportunity to pick apart my dance technique -- this happened the last time I posted this picture on a dance-related forum. No, it's not great, but it was also THREE YEARS AGO so give me a break. I wanted to post this picture because it's one of the very few I have when I'm *not* dancing with my teacher, and because it was the happiest I'd ever been in a competition. And besides I made my dress and gloves.



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Larinda, cannot see too much of SC there. Can see more of capricondancer though.

Laura, it is clear that you are having a blast. A really good time. :)
The good and bad thing about this photo is that it was a fairly static moment...
So, not much movement, but at least the photographer did a fairly good job with it!

Thanks, Larinda :D ! How do you guys do it......?

Ok, I know this pic doesn't show a lot of my face, but the original request was 'photos of DF members DANCING', no? I might dig around and see if I can come up with a clearer one........
great pics so far!! .. comon peops dont be shy :wink: .. its simple u just copy and paste the URL address (right click on the mouse.. click properties and copy the address and paste it here and then highlight it and click on the 'Img' button in the bar above the 'message post'.. and voila!

links and the avatar pics are nice but it would be better when blown up and already showing large as life (+ save us any extra 'clicking' please) :lol: :wink: ..

its no biggy and is not a substitute for the albums.. but just to have some record of this one pic we like u know.. if many people do it then any body wanting to see your dancing image they'd just come on here for an inspirational quickie.. u know :D

Pacion.. dont hide behind the teasing :wink: .. post one .. be the brave soul i know u can be.. i will luv u any way i promis 8)

Youngsta.. yeah i know what u talkin about bro.. so burring it 8) .. i'm not sure the ladies here will be as patient tho!

For those who posted.. thanx.. ya'll look fab! :D

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