how are your lessons going? thread II


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My lesson was great today. It's been since July I had a lesson, and this was one was without my partner. Now I've had a couple people comment how they would hurt their partner if they didn't show, but (as frustrated as I am sometimes) I realize my partner is setting up his career and dance for him has to take a back burner. And I must say, I love one on one lessons. I get to focus on my problems, not just "our" problems. Today's lesson was about how to have a better connection through the frame. It was also about flexibility in the frame, and about how to use less energy to keep the frame up. Now I just to need to commit it to muscle memory and teach it to the partner.


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Silver Rhythm and finished off with Int. Foxtrot. As I have utterly given up I didn't bother changing shoes. I think we may have figured out the secret to Standard for me-do it in 3" open-toe Latin sandals.
Great lessons today - best in a while. Very technical in smooth, but made a few breakthroughs. Followed up with a refresher of open rhythm. Interesting dancing open rhythm again, after many months of not touching rhythm at that smooth is the main focus, rhythm is pretty much just for fun (despite the plan to start competing in it again) and miraculously it!! Haven't felt that in a while. :)


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I seem to be on a roll lately -- there's always lots to work on, of course, but I'm coming out of almost every lesson feeling like I've made some real progress. Today was another one of these days. Coach has said I'm "not allowed to look like a Smooth dancer doing Rhythm", and I might actually be there at last. Standard felt great, and oh, Smooth was just dreamy. :D


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Getting an open smooth Viennese routine, with lots of fun/splashy but relatively simple elements. We're pretty much going to lap the floor a bunch of times at this rate...


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I'm starting to enjoy the connection to myself, to the music and last but not least to my teacher! wow, it's so nice to learn!!!okay I know I sound like a proverb of 3 Cs, but that's the order I enjoy in my lesson!!!or to be true second teacher third music..but first of all the narcissist in me, he he he!!!
Had awesome coaching with Larinda last night. Actually felt like a dancer instead of an accountant pretending to dance. It was great, felt like some real breakthroughs were made and can't wait for workshop tonight. :)
Just had mine tonight! It was awesome, as expected :)
Got to work on some concepts that I think will keep me busy in the practice room for a while, in all my dances!


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Lessons this week were pretty good. Did some work in foot speed and timing, I can see it will make my dancing more dynamic - now it's the working part of it....get it in the basics and then find it in the routines and then repetitions until my head hurts. *sigh*

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